“6 Days in Fallujah” is a Video Game Playing Real War in Iraq

Mariam Asif - YLT Staff

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Highwire Games/Victura

We all remember that about 10 years ago one of the most controversial video games surfaced on the internet and people had a lot to say about it. Developed by Highwire Games and published by Victura, the video game was called ‘6 Days in Fallujah’ and it is basically a military sim game about the bloody Iraqi war that left the country shattered. The Iraq war which started in March 2003 and ended in December 2011, was a surge of violence the Iraqi people have experienced and still live the remnants of it to this day. The video game got cancelled because of its lack of purpose and associated negative controversy. But recently, the game has resurfaced, and creators swear that this time they have taken a different approach. 

The creators of the game have pointed out that the ‘6 Days in Fallujah’ today takes a totally different, and more sensitive approach to the war that has gone on in Iraq. The announcement trailer that was released shows that there is a new set of creators and developers behind the game. This time the game is to set awareness for the horrors that the Iraqi citizens had to face living in a country with a full rage war going on, and for the U.S troops that were sent to a country with war to fight a battle.  

Trailer of the new release of the video game 6 Days in Fallujah.

The game producers have said that there will be a few new angles that will be taken when it comes to the production of this game. They want players to experience the freight that the troops whether Iraqi, or American had to face during the battle. They also want players to experience the anxiety of the Iraqi civilians that had to live in a city that had war going on. The purpose of the game to resurface is to simply bring more awareness to that horrible period of time. 

People understand that when it comes to military games everyone loves a good gore, bloody and massive shoot-outs. The players simply know which side is which, and who they are shooting at. This is where the controversy rises because this game is all too realistic and is based on a real event that has taken place in history. The video game follows players that are disguised as shooters that enter the city of Fallujah, a city west of Baghdad, fighting the second battle in a span of 6 days. Another thing that is worth pointing out is the theme and context of the game has been taken severely out of place. The game’s trailer starts off stating facts about the battle of Fallujah, the highest point of conflict experienced in the Iraqi war in November-December 2004, led by the U.S. Marines against the Iraqi insurgents in the city of Fallujah. The battle started when the city was seized by Al Qaeda, and the entire battle was surrounded by protecting the city from that sort of authority. In actuality, a lot of people are of the view that the battle was due to the destruction of a group of Blackwater mercenaries and the mutilation of their bodies. The battle of Fallujah has also been highly linked to the Bush administrator’s reliance on inept, politically connected private military contractors (PMCs) who are remembered by all to be war criminals. This also explains the widely negative response on the internet to this video game resurfacing.

Highwire Games/Victure

It is needless to say that the whole game and its coming back has been a controversy and many agree it is something that should not have resurfaced and should have stayed in the past. Regardless of the attempt for the creators to raise awareness or shed a light on a tragic war there could have been different approaches to doing something like that. It seems like there was another motif when recreating and resurfacing this game. 

‘6 Days of Fallujah’ is back, and we are hoping that is not here to stay, as the game has highly negatively controversial and is extremely disrespectful to Iraq and its people considering the heavy hardships that they have had to face as a country and a nation. 

by Mariam Asif – YLT Staff

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