8 LGBTQ+ Arab Movies You Need to Binge Watch


Today is the last day of Pride month *tears*, but the spirit of Pride will still continue and remain. To celebrate this last day of the month, we have compiled some amazing LGBTQ+ Arab movies that should be on your list to watch.

So take a seat, grab a drink, and some popcorn because there is certainly something to watch for everyone.

8 LGBTQ+ Arab Movies

I Can’t Think Straight

This movie is a 2008 British romantic drama film based on the novel, I Can’t Think Straight. The film is about a London-based Jordanian-Palestinian descent woman named Tala who is preparing for an over-the-top elaborate wedding. All Arabs know the feeling of this one!

However, a turn of events occurs and causes her to have an affair and later fall in love with another woman, Leyla, who is a stunning British Indian.

The film is all about coming of age with your sexuality, and it is a romantic tale with an even sexier twist.

I guess the saying is true, girls really do just wanna have fun! 

Run (a)way Arab

Run (a)way Arab is a short film that was released in 2017 and is directed by Amrou Al-Kadhi.

The film is relatively short, only 12 minutes, but it is one of the most heart-touching and sentimental films we have on the list. Make sure you grab a box of tissues because you will need it, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Run (a)way Arab is about a queer Arab who is inspired by his mother, and everything that she is. Later in life, it is only through drag shows, and performances that he holds on to the connection, and memory of her.

A lot of crying warning for this one!

The Sun Will Rise

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The Sun Will Rise was released in 2018 and is directed by Mehdi Hajri.

The story surrounds two long-time friends, Omar and Bahri who share their desires, sorrows, and their love. Yes, for each other. We were just as shocked.

The exciting twist is that a new girl has come to town that will shift their lives upside down and she is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals.

Leave it to the girls to rock a man’s world even in a queer Arab movie.

In Between

In Between was released in 2016, and is directed by Maysaloun Hamoud. The movie is a story about 3 Palestinian women living in an Israeli society struggling with being accepted by others.

Laila, Salma, and Nurv are roommates living in Tel Aviv. The film walks you through the life troubles of Laila, Salma, and Nurv and the pressures they have faced from society, and their families.

All 3 women must learn how to accept themselves in the face of mounting pressure from their loved ones to conform, which is something every Arab girl knows too well.

The film explores the concept of the rule-bound Arab world, the inequality of the Israeli government, and their desire as young women to break free.

Breaking Fast

This light-hearted film was released in 2020 and is directed by Mike Mosallam. Taking place in West Hollywood, Breaking Fast is a romantic comedy that follows the story of Mo, a practicing Muslim who is still recovering from a heartbreak.

Leave it to the All-American guy named Kal who swoops into the rescue asking to join him in his nightly iftars during the month of Ramadan, however, things take an unexpected exciting turn.

The two discover they have more in common than they think. We’ll leave you guys guessing what that common something really is! We’re hinting at an irresistible romance that is in the air.

Another Dream

Another dream was released in 2019 and is directed by Tamara Shogaolu.

It is a hybrid animated documentary and VR game that brings forward a true love story of an Egyptian lesbian couple.

The film focuses on couples being faced with too much post-revolution backlash against the LGBTQ+ community, and they escape Cairo to seek asylum and acceptance in the Netherlands.

The film is an accompanying installation that allows audiences to reflect on what they have seen, heard, and felt in VR. This one is a fun game-like movie, and it is also only 20 minutes long!

The Wedding

The Wedding was released in 2018 and is a film directed by Sam Abbas. The story is about Rami, who is your average Muslim man preparing for his wedding with Sara.

But is hiding his identity on queer sexuality due to a strict religious and cultural upbringing.

The movie is nothing short of a modern gem that will make you connect with both the characters and feel both the pains, and turbulence of Rami, and Sara’s relationship.

This is a film where someone is leading a double life. Many viewers struggling to come forward at first, due to a strict household and upbringing might find themselves relating to.

3 Centimeters 

3 Centimeters came out in 2018 and is directed by filmmaker Lara Zeidan and boy is this film raunchy.

The story takes place when four young friends decide to go on a Ferris Wheel.

During this uneasy open-air ride, they start discussing various topics and subjects such as relationships and sex to pass the time, as any young group of girls would do, duh!

But, someone’s breakup advice leads to a steamy unexpected confession that is shared amongst the four friends. Can anyone guess what the confession is? 

These amazing queer Arab moves will keep you hooked, all of these movies are masterpieces, they are entertaining and will leave you feeling like you have learned something new. These 8 LGBTQ+ Arab Movies are a must-watch and will keep the spirit of Pride month alive!

by Mariam Asif – YLT Staff

* This article is inspired by the Arab Film and Media Institute.

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