Arab Zillennials thoughts on partner using OnlyFans

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OnlyFans have taken the world by storm, and we mean this in every way. It is a content subscription service based in London, England. The creators are able to earn money from users who subscribe to their content, which are referred to as fans. The service is very popular amongst sex workers, but it also does have other content creators on the platform. The highest-paid individuals on OnlyFans are women, and specifically the ones who create content for arousal. There is a lot of controversy behind this content creation platform specifically for that reason. The teams are divided; some say it is a website where people can feel empowered about their bodies, and also get bank for it. While others are more skeptical about the job title of an OnlyFans creator. 

The OnlyFans scene in the Arab world is highly controversial as most things related to female empowerment and sexuality are. The majority of the individuals in the Arab diaspora look down upon anyone that is a creator of OnlyFans or has an account for that matter. The main reasoning behind this is not because the job title is looked down upon or not relevant enough, but it is the weight of the stereotypes that hold many Arabs back when it comes to these types of platforms. 

Many Arabs are known to find jobs that please their parents, and that is usually anywhere between doctor, engineer, or lawyer. Any job in the arts like writing, painting, dancing, or even singing is not considered something relevant for the typical Arab parent’s mind. A platform such as this where their sons or daughter will be paid for their bodies, that is despicable, unbearable, incomprehensible for many.

We didn’t really get the chance to ask Middle Eastern parents what their thoughts of the OnlyFans scene, because let’s face it we all know where that conversation would lead. However, we had the opportunity to target Arab youth of what they think if their partner is on OnlyFans, or if they were content creators on the platform.

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We spoke to three Arab zillennials, in particular, to ask their opinion on what their thoughts would be if their partner is or wants to be on OnlyFans.

Here are the statements and results we gathered

Sahib, 20

Are you aware of what OnlyFans is? 

Sahib: Yes, it's like a porn hub, but for pictures. 

Would you be okay if your partner is on OnlyFans, or if they were creators on there? 

Sahib: Absolutely not! If she ever creates an OnlyFans account consider her not my girlfriend anymore. I don't think I would be with anyone who is into sex work in the first place, I think I attract people like that. 

What is your perception of people that have an OnlyFans account? 

Sahib: I think it just depends on preference. I’m not hating anyone who has one, I just know I don't want anyone who has one. 

Mohammad, 21

Are you aware of what OnlyFans is? 

Mohammad: Yes, I am aware of what OnlyFans is, anyone who spends more than 2 hours on Youtube knows what an OnlyFans is. 

Would you be okay if your partner is on OnlyFans, or if they were creators on there? 

Mohammad: I am way too open-minded for this. Well, OnlyFans is not really just for adult entertainment. While it is mostly used, it can be used for other things as well. If we are assuming it is for adult entertainment, then if my significant other only had to choose between OnlyFans and strip clubs, well yes OnlyFans is much safer. Of course, in the end, I would rather not have my significant other in the adult industry, but if that's what they do or we need the money then it's fine. 

What is your perception of people that have an OnlyFans account? 

Mohammad: Again assuming the adult entertainment, good for them! It takes guts to get into this industry. As I said before, OnlyFans is a much safer alternative to the other options available in the adult industry and is also creating a platform for many to be able to freely share their art without a need for an agent and scary contracts.

Fatima, 22

What is your perception of people that have an Only Fans account? 

Fatima: Yes, I know what OnlyFans is, My best friend has made a living off of it. 

Would you be okay if your partner is on OnlyFans, or if they were creators on there? 

Fatima: You know this is hard because I am a girl. I don't want to say that I am influenced by society, and double standards, but I guess at some level I am. I think women are mostly dominating OnlyFans right now, and they are killing it, it is what people want to see. I will say if my man was to make an OnlyFans account I would be okay with it. I don't want him posting nudes, but a little risque picture here and there is fine with me. I’ve heard people are making bank with the platform

What is your perception of people that have an OnlyFans account? 

Fatima: Honestly, I don't look down at people who are on there, I really don't. I think finding someone as your partner from that specific industry can be a little difficult for obvious reasons. However, if you are on the platform, more power to you. So many confident boys and girls are making a living from their bodies, and sexiness. More power to them. 

These three individuals we featured were the only ones comfortable enough to have their opinions shared on our platform, and we understand since this is a very controversial topic. 

We asked around 10 Middle Eastern individuals from ages 18-25 what they thought about the OnlyFans scene in the Arab world, and it all boils down to that specific individual. There are some that support it and understand the platform. There are also some that want nothing, or any association with the entertainment site. As far as the OnlyFans talk goes to the elder Arab individuals they are all horrified and opposed by it, so there is nothing new there. 

However, It is safe to say that when it comes to controversial discussions like OnlyFans, it is expected from even the youth to either be hot or cold about it. In the end, it all boils down to people’s specific preferences, their minds, and the way they were raised. We are conditioned to think the way we do from our past experiences, and what our parents have instilled in our minds.

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