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5 Ways We Can Support Palestinians

Many of you reading this have seen the current turn of events happening in Palestine, with people uprising and standing up for their basic rights as humans to live in peace and dignity. There have been a lot of buzz

6 Figures That Shook Arab Feminism Up And Are Continuing To Do So

The conversation around feminism that many of us are familiar with revolves around western feminism. Most times this perspective lends itself to a very focused idea about how women need more equality in a male-dominated world and this equality needs

Vaccinating Palestinians: Who’s Really Responsible?

The recent claims about the medical apartheid in Isreal-Palestine territory have raised several discussions regarding Israel’s duty as the occupying power to be vaccinating Palestinians. With these claims, a lot of confusion and online debate has followed with misinformation being

6 Things to Know About Dr. Nawal Saadawi Post Her Death

One of Egypt’s and the Arab world’s most prominent feminism icons has passed away yesterday; Dr. Nawal Saadawi. Causing much controversy during her life, Nawal Saadawi, is a well known Egyptian feminist, writer, activist, physician, and psychiatrist. Her work as

We talked to StartMENAUp, a Blog Sharing Arab Startup Stories

StartMENAUp is a blog page that showcases inspiring stories of entrepreneurship from the Arab world. The blog’s main goal is that if the stories showcased gain the light that they deserve, StartMENAUp would want to transition into a full blown

Saudi Arabia Launches Clinical Trials for a COVID-19 Vaccine

The cases of the coronavirus that are rising in the Saudi Arabia are not that scary anymore, because the Kingdom has started its first vaccine clinical trials. They have recently reported 354 new cases, 249 more recoveries, four deaths, which

Do we need a “Black Arab History Month”?

As this year’s Black History Month comes to a close, I couldn’t help but wonder if the Arab world needs its own version of “Black History Month”. A month where we can educate our fellow Arabs about the history of

Afro Arabs Discrimination Is Worse Than You Think

*Trigger warning: description of racist events and performances describes below for awareness purposes* History tells us that Afro Arabs discrimination had been happening long ago in the Middle East. Afro Arabs of today are speaking out about how they continue

Is the New Citizenship Law in the UAE Actually Beneficial?

The new citizenship law in the UAE (or United Arab Emirates) was recently announced and has been met with a lot of curiosity. The previously strict rule of not giving citizenship to foreigners was recently revised to now allow ‘talented’

Palestinian Library Restored to Encourage Research

One of the oldest libraries in Jerusalem has now recently been restored and is on its way to becoming a full functioning sanctuary for people to use. The old Palestinian library restored to encourage research was founded in 1900 and

Riyadh Will be One of the Top 10 World Economies?

The Saudi prince, Mohammad Bin Salman has recently revealed that Riyadh will be one of the top 10 world economies. He has stated that true growth happens in the city, whether it is in terms of industry innovation, schools, services

Have You Heard of Vaccine Tourism for the Rich in Dubai?

COVID-19 has influenced our lives in the simplest ways yet changed our lifestyle massively. It has prevented us from doing the smallest of things like going to a coffee shop with friends and attending events, parties and concerts. It feels

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