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Palestine is no longer trending, now what?

Too often, social issues get picked up by hashtags or shares and become trending topics for a couple of few weeks and then die down. In the case of social justice: this must change. Palestine is no longer trending but

Why Should Arabs Be Allies to Indigenous People

Minority groups like the Arab community, and Indigenous peoples are often among the most marginalized and affected communities in societies. It is important now more than ever that Arabs be allies towards Indigenous people. In both communities, they are looked

Is There A Right Way To Protest For Palestine?

Notwithstanding the lack of good faithed coverage of every protest for Palestine by mainstream media, hundreds of thousands around the world demonstrate for Palestinians in a massive and powerful way against the violence and ethnic cleansing caused by Israeli forces

5 Ways We Can Support Palestinians

Many of you reading this have seen the current turn of events happening in Palestine, with people uprising and standing up for their basic rights as humans to live in peace and dignity. There have been a lot of buzz

6 Figures That Shook Arab Feminism Up And Are Continuing To Do So

The conversation around feminism that many of us are familiar with revolves around western feminism. Most times this perspective lends itself to a very focused idea about how women need more equality in a male-dominated world and this equality needs

Vaccinating Palestinians: Who’s Really Responsible?

The recent claims about the medical apartheid in Isreal-Palestine territory have raised several discussions regarding Israel’s duty as the occupying power to be vaccinating Palestinians. With these claims, a lot of confusion and online debate has followed with misinformation being

6 Things to Know About Dr. Nawal Saadawi Post Her Death

One of Egypt’s and the Arab world’s most prominent feminism icons has passed away yesterday; Dr. Nawal Saadawi. Causing much controversy during her life, Nawal Saadawi, is a well known Egyptian feminist, writer, activist, physician, and psychiatrist. Her work as

Do we need a “Black Arab History Month”?

As this year’s Black History Month comes to a close, I couldn’t help but wonder if the Arab world needs its own version of “Black History Month”. A month where we can educate our fellow Arabs about the history of

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