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Salams App: The Go To Muslim Dating App for Marriage

Online dating with a little spin? Salams (previously known as Minder) is an online dating app for Muslims interested in meeting other Muslims for the purpose of marriage. Similar to many dating apps out there, the process of finding someone

6 Things to do this Valentine’s Day in Quarantine

It can be hard staying home during Valentines day with your significant other and especially during the pandemic. Today we will be breaking down 5 things to do this Valentine’s day that are safe. The great thing about this list

The D*ck Pic: Get Blocked or Die Tryin’

Writing these posts has become really therapeutic; semi-autobiographical, half social commentary, I’m starting to feel like Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City. Just call me Carrie BradShawerma. Except with not nearly as impressive a shoe collection. On today’s

Do Unrealistic Expectations Ruin Our Relationships?

It seems that most dating experiences and relationships are ending prematurely, leaving one partner completely confused, or fizzling out without it getting a proper chance. The result is time wasted holding on to something or realizing you lost a good

(How Not To) Talk Dirty To Me

When it comes to online dating, women are no strangers to lewd comments, specifically those coming from the notorious keyboard warriors, hiding behind their screens from the comfort of their homes. And the funny thing is, it’s us women who

This is Why Dating as an Arab Millennial is So Messed Up

Research says millennials are the generation that’s been on the fewest dates so far (Let’s see how Gen Z turns out though!). Dating has become more difficult in general, and dating as an Arab millennial is even more complicated with

The 5 Stages of Recovery After Being Ghosted

Let’s talk about ghosts. Not the friendly kind and not the Manhattan club owner turned drug dealer kind either. The kind of guys who reel you in then smash your heart and hopes to pieces. Up until now I’ve only

girl shooting shot in instagram

Shooting your Shot: Can Arab Women Make the First Move?

It’s your typical Friday night. I’m laying in bed watching Netflix and scrolling through Instagram (does anyone watch TV anymore without checking their phones?). I notice I have a new message request in my inbox. My first thought is “it’s

By Mentatdgt/

The Horrors of Online Dating as a Millennial Hijabi

Allow me to set the scene: it’s April 2020, the entire city of London is in lockdown. You’ve clocked Netflix once, all the COVID memes have been shared already – what’s a girl to do? Download Minder, of course. For

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