Did You Know About These 5 Male Arab Rappers?

Narcy. Photo: Instagram: @narcynarce

If you are tired of listening to the same mainstream rappers that are everywhere in the media, and you want to add more spice to your life? Here is a versatile list of the best 5 male Arab rappers you need to listen to. 

1. Tin Nen


Tin Nen is a Palestine-based Arab rapper and we like to best compare him to an Arabic Blackbear because they share the similar hypnotizing, soft melodic singing voices that hits the listener straight into their feelings. One of our favorite songs by him is “Inta Mnih” which translates to, “You Good”. This is a song that is sure to leave goose bumps on your body from its chilling start, to its painful chorus that is sure to leave a mark on your soul. Not to mention once you see how he looks he is sure to never be erased from your memories. Not all bad boys get emotional and sing with their heart, but this one definitely does. 

2. Bu Kolthum 

Bu Kolthoum is an interesting artist for sure on this list writing music about painful events and sharing vulnerable stories through his craft. This Syrian artist is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, and make any woman completely mesmerized by his sweet bars, and tasteful rhythm. One of the songs that everyone needs to add to their playlist right now is his track named, “Zamilou”. We know you won’t be able to resist looking into this other songs and albums, he is just too good. 

3. Freek 

Freek is a beloved Dubai-based Somali rapper and he makes sure to show both his cultures in his music and he has a heavy fan following both Arab and Somali. His rapping skills and bars are put up to match as they are incredible but once even more striking is the fact that one of his songs called, “Mo Salah” which is about the famous liverpool soccer player he got to write for an Adidas campaign. But, it doesn’t end there when the Liverpool player was in Dubai, Freek got to sing his song live for him. Talk about dreams coming true, this is one of the best male Arab rappers you need to listen to. We already know he’s going places.

4. Narcy 

His full name is Yassin Alsalman but he is better known as his stage name Narcy which is formerly known as The Narcicyst. He is an Iraqi-Canadian rapper, author, university instructor, and actor. If you want to listen to a musician with a funky flair, with equally funky verses then Narcy is the one for you. The way he plays with different instruments, and beats and how it all matches the tone of his voice makes us want to get up and dance our hearts away. 

5. Dam 

Even though this band includes a female, we couldn’t have a list of the best Arab rappers without including Dam. This Palestinian hip-hop group first came together in 1999, and ever since has been going strong. Their lyrics have always challenged listeners and over the years they have used their talent and voice for spreading awareness and talking about various types of issues such as oppression, and women’s rights. The band’s main members are Maysa Daw, Tamer Nafar, DJ Bruno Cruz, and Mahmood Jrere. For this band all their music hits the soul so make sure you listen to their songs from oldest to latest to get a view of their journey with music and their voice.

So there you have it, If you want a change of taste and more flavour in your music palette, here is the list of the best 5 male Arab rappers you need to listen to. If you like this list, you should check out our list of favorite female Arab rappers.

by Mariam Asif – YLT Staff

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