Did you see Elyanna’s Viral TikTok on Palestine?

Photo: Instagram (@elyanna)

I’m sure by now everyone has heard of Elyanna’s viral TikTok video, a cover of Fi Hagat by Nancy Ajram and Talking to the moon by Bruno Mars.

She is most known for her famous covers of Arabic songs such as Abdel Halim Hafez’s “Ahwak” or Nancy Ajram’s “Enta Eh”.

Talking to the moon & Fi Hagat starts with her whispering a few lyrics in English, as she drags it up a notch giving us some sultry tones in Arabic has left fans begging for the full version.


Talking to the moon & Fi Hagat

♬ original sound – elyanna

Social media to raise awareness

Elyanna being her thoughtful self used this viral video to bring attention to the injustices happening in Palestine.

“Some things are felt but not spoken. They hurt the heart, but we never let them show. I am torn between telling you or not”.

This is what the Arabic in the song translates to

Please pray for my people❤️ #freepalestine

♬ original sound – elyanna

In her delicate, angelic voice she expresses the pain she feels for the nation, and uses her talent to spread awareness.

Elyanna’s video has over 5 million views of now, and her TikTok following grew dramatically after the video. Today her following on TikTok and Instagram has over 400,000 users.

As Elyanna’s cover is gaining massive traffic, people from all around the world started creating TikTok videos using her sound.

A few notable people have used Elyanna’s viral TikTok to highlight important global issues like Maya Hussein talking about Palestine or Saif Shawaf talking about the recent Islamophic events that happened in London, ON.

She has also been able to release her first album with her own original songs last year.

She is a powerful icon for many Arabs out there, giving us the representation we all crave to see.


Talking to the moon & Fi Hagat

♬ original sound – elyanna

When she is not singing, she loves to use her platform, especially Instagram, to promote and amplify various Arab brands on her account.

She writes and sings in Arabic, and has collaborated with many celebrities including the Lebanese singer Massari on her song “Ana Lahale”.

Elyannas latest EP release features 6 songs; Ya Waylak, Oululee Leh, Ana Lahale, Shee, Majnony Ana, and Ahwak.

Her songs are available on Spotify, Apple music, and YouTube for everyone to listen to. Elyanna fans have expressed their excitement for her recent buzz and her new album release.

Elyanna supporters continue to wish that she keep growing on social media and her talent be recognized by the world. Elyannas viral TikTok video is just the beginning of her success journey. 

by Mariam Asif – YLT Staff

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