Faouzia’s New Single Minefields with John Legend

Singer Faouzia. Photo: Instagram (@faouzia)

Recently, the Moroccan Canadian singer Faouzia has released a new duet with John Legend called Minefields. This has had a very positive outburst from Faouzia’s fans for being able to collaborate with one with the “All of Me” star John Legend. This is a huge step in Faouzia’s continuously growing musical career and we’re here for it. But for those of you who don’t know enough of Faouzia and her success you’ve stumbled upon the right article. Here we will talk more about her new single Minefields, its story along with her recent music video with songwriter and musician John Legend. 

Faouzia Ouihya is her full name and she is a 20 year old, Morrocon Canadian singer and songwriter. She was born in Casablanca, Morocco and moved with her family at the age of 9 to Manitoba where she currently resides. Faouzia is trilingual, being able to fluently speak English, French and Arabic. She has been featured in various artists’ track records including artists like David Guetta, Ninho, Galantis, and now John Legend. Her big break on television was April 16, of 2020 when she was invited to the Kelly Clarkson show to sing the Arabic cover of the song I Dare You. On November 5th of 2020 Faouzia and John Legend’s recent single Minefields was out for the public to hear. In her free time, you can catch Faouzia practising her vocals, playing the piano or violin and creating melodies for her new songs. 

The process behind Faouzia’s new single Minefields was quite smooth, as choosing John Legend was the first thing that came to her mind, she claims. She says she had the song written by songwriter Sam Martin and she absolutely adored it, which led her to record the song in her studio. She loved the way the song had turned out just as is, but she felt the need for a male’s influence to also be on the track. That is when John Legend’s name was brought up and she thought it was a great idea, her team decided to contact him and his team. She said she never would have expected him to reach back so soon, and he immediately sent in his vocals and it was so beautiful. She said the experience of working with John Legend was such a delight and he really transformed the single for her. She claims there were times where he took the lead, and certain times where she took the lead. In the end she said that the song turned out to be an incredible duet with a mixture of both of their voices. The most surprising thing is that everything was done all online when recording the song, and their first in person interaction was when they got to shooting the video. If you have not seen the recent music video for Faouzia’s new single Minefields with John Legend’s, we highly recommend you guys to check it out as it is pure magic and perfection. 

Faouzia on the left, John Legend on the right.
Photo: Rolling Stone

Faouzia’s new single Minefields is just one way it shows that she is an incredible artist that is absolutely loved by the Arab community. It incorporates her melodies and tones from her Moroccon ancestry, mixed with her Canadian pop culture roots. She has taken her platform and skills to the next level by really putting herself out there, and spreading a great name for her community showcasing the artistry that comes from that region. She also provides incredible representation for many young girls out there showing them what it’s like to follow their dreams, and that everything that you set your mind into can soon be turned into reality. Her determination and hard work has shown numerous times that great highs can be achieved such as having a single released with one of the best male artists in the industry right now. We know this is just the beginning of her success. She is a great inspiration for many young Arabs and a token of hope because she showcases the talent that arises from that culture. When asked about her supportive fans and her slow growth following on social media she said that she focuses on the positive and the love and appreciation that fans have to show to her. She chooses to stay connected with her audience and tries her best to create music that they would be in love with. Since a large following of her music is from the Arab community I’m sure we can expect a lot more music in Arabic, and even French from her in the future. 

by Mariam Asif – YLT Staff

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