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Music is known to bring people together, no matter where they’re from. Music mends the soul, heals the heart, and is the life to any party. Arabic music is known to have diverse styles and various genres. The incredible thing is that the majority of Middle Eastern artists sing in Arabic and English. Each country and region of the Arab diaspora has its own traditional music spin. However, most of the millennial artists are now adapting rap and pop into their sound. Lately, there have been more music by Arab artists that is a must listen, and if you have missed it, we are here to break it down for you. 


IAMSOULFUL is an Arab-Canadian independent artist from Ottawa, Ontario, whose music is inspired by artists like J.Cole, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and 6lack. Using his creative musical tones and powerful voice he has gathered global attention across North America, Europe and the Middle East. In Canada he has received the title of “Canada’s Most Slept on Artists”. Recently he has released his new song called ‘Passion’ which is gaining a lot of love from all his fans. Its rap beats, the rhythmic tones, and inspiring words all lead everyone to blast their cars. Next time you and your friends are in a car, make sure to blast passion by IAMSOULFUL. 


AneesTheRapper, is half Palestinian, and half Lebanese, raised in Washington D.C, USA. His music has brought a lot of positivity, and change into people’s lives. His songs are mostly inspirational, and share a story that touches the listeners lives. His latest song, ‘Slip’ is a fresh take on love, and everything related to falling in love with your person. He goes on about obsession over someone, and describing their love for them in the most poetic way. If there are romantics out there who want a beautiful voice, and poetic words make sure to listen to ‘Slip’ the next time you’re all hanging out with your friends. Fun fact: Anees recently did an IG live with the one and only Justin Bieber and his music he’s been receiving more deserved exposure. We can’t be more excited for him!


There are certain music by Arab artists that make you want to travel to the Middle East, and that is what happens when we listen to anything by Elyanna. She is not only a gorgeous Palestinian beauty, but her music reflects her personality. Her calm energy reflects her latest soulful cover ‘Youm Wara Youm”, which is a song cover originally sung by Samira Said, and Cheb Mami. I suggest watching her hypnotizing music video as you listen to the music, it is sure to leave you feeling under a spell. 

Tamara Qaddoumi

If you are a big fan of the pop artist Lana Del Rey then you have to listen to Tamara Qaddoumi. Her EP; ‘Soft Glitch’ just released, featuring 4 songs; Nomad, Rising, Cosmic Time and To see you. Each song fills the listeners ears with her hypnotizing voice, as the slow and sultry music takes you away into an oasis. The next time you are ready to take a bath, or have a chill night to yourself make sure you have Tamara’s EP playing in the background. She has one of the most underrated music by Arab artists out there. 


Abir is a Morroccan born, Virginia raised singer who is defying all stereotypes regarding women in the Arab world. She has gathered her interest from Egyptian artist, Umm Kulthum, but she also admires North American bad asses such as Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Sarah Vaughn, and Beyonce. Her latest single, ‘Searching’ featuring Wafia, and BEAM is a dramatic song that cannot keep you still. The song is open to many interruptions, but we can best describe it as a coming of age song that everyone needs to listen to. The song makes you think, feel, and want to dance your heart out. 

Nano Talrose

Nano Talrose is an indie-pop artist that has used music as an outlet to express his emotions regarding love, passion, heartbreak, and connection all in one. Nano hopes that through his music listeners can get a sense of him, and how he works, the way he views life, and his belief on topics. He also shares his stories, and life experiences through his art. His latest single, “Talk You Down” is a soft indie romance song that melts your heart after every word. This song is best to listen to with your lover by your side, and if you don’t have one, you’re going to wish you had one after listening to “Talk You Down”.  

Zach Matari 

Zach Matari might just be the new pop sensation, with his good looks, and amazing music taste. Born and raised in Jersey, his American nationality does not hold him back from making music that mixes both English and Arabic into one. You can see that quite evidently in his latest single “Yalla” where he sings in both languages. The song transports you into your own deep thoughts as you listen carefully to lyrics and understand what Zach is trying to say. The song’s rhythm makes you want to dance, but we suggest also giving the acoustic version a listen. 

Malak Sound

This Egyptian-Canadian artist is a musician, dancer, and vlogger. Malayka, formerly known as Malak Sound, has been very vocal about what has inspired and driven her music. She has talked about how her music mainly focuses on the bridge between western and Middle Eastern pop culture. Her hit single that was released in 2019 is called ‘Visa’, but her latest release Sheraton is even more interesting. You know why? Because she shot the video in Egypt. With the ACTUAL pyramids behind her. Talk about a statement music video.

They always say, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” , but we have to say when in the Middle East, listen to their music, because they are legends when it comes to poetry, song writing, and literally any art form. They also say that a person’s favourite song  is often a reflection of their life, and how they might be feeling. We are curious to know what was your favorite song from the list of music by Arab artists we suggested?

by Mariam Asif – YLT Staff

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