Lessons Learned From Mia Khalifa’s Interview With ‘Call Her Daddy’ Podcast

Mariam Asif - YLT Staff

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Alexandra Cooper, the host of the famous podcast ‘Call Her Daddy’ sat down with the renowned Mia Khalifa recently. They talked a lot about her life and the most devastating few years of her past, things related to her mental health, sex work, colorism, judgement, and hate. Through the whole interview both Alexandra and Mia talked back and forth about their lives, and it was evident to see that Mia had grown and changed a lot. She was finally comfortable to share her story, her experiences and was open about some of the lessons she had learned along the way. We compiled highlights of Mia Khalifa’s interview with ‘Call Her Daddy’ to share with you. 

1. Everyone is going through something, so always be kind 

Regarding Mia’s time in the porn industry in 2016, she highlights the fact she was afraid to even go outside and leave her house. She said she had felt like the whole world was watching her, and that everyone knew her and was judging her. The truth is everyone was judging her. She was banned from her own country, and her family stopped talking to her or associating with her. She got death and rape threats from people, and her own Arab community was sending her so much hate. She voiced the fact that everyone is so quick to judge, but no one wanted to take the time out of their day to hear her story, to understand the circumstances and why things happened the way they did. She said that she had to deal with a lot of loneliness, isolation and scrutiny in public. She hopes that her story can make people realize that everyone is fighting battles whether they are public or private and to just be kind towards others. Everyone has stories to tell, so if we don’t want to hear them, then let’s not judge them. 

Shame is the most powerful emotion a human can experience. It’s crippling, it’s debilitating. It can change the way you view yourself.

Mia Khalifa

2. Don’t judge a book by its cover 

She talked about that everyone knew her as Mia Khalifa, the former porn star. No one wanted to know the real her, the Mia that was sensitive, kind, and sweet. Everyone in the world knew her from the narrative that was spun up and posted about her for everyone to see. Everyone viewed her the way they saw her exterior. The way she was portrayed to the world, and not by herself, but by other industry professionals. She talked about how when people actually get to know her, they see a totally different side to her, one that they don’t usually expect. Alexandra agreed with her by saying that Mia is a very intelligent, kind, sensitive soul, and how appreciative she is to get to know her on a deeper level. Mia mentioned how we are so quick to judge people off of what we see of them, or hear of them. But we should also take the time to get to really know them. 

3. How happy you are with yourself reflects the partners you choose in life 

This is one of the most interesting lessons in Mia Khalifa’s interview with ‘Call Her Daddy’ that we felt like we had to highlight. She talked about how the partners and the people we choose to date are a reflection of ourselves. If you are someone that has not learned to love themselves, or is unhappy with who you are as a person, you will automatically choose and attract people that are the same. If you, yourself cannot treat yourself with the love and respect that you deserve, how do you expect someone else to do that? The lesson here is take the time off from dating, learn about yourself, and love yourself. That is how Mia found her current husband who she claims treats her like a queen. 

4. No one can control you in life, and don’t let them 

After her time in the porn industry in 2016, Mia felt like the porn industry owned her and that she was a slave to them. She felt like that this is what she was meant to do, and that there was no escape. In the interview, Mia wanted to let others know that when something makes you unhappy, whether it is a relationship, occupation, or even where you live, you are not forced to stay there. She later realized that no one owned her, and she is not forced to do anything. If something is making you unhappy, leave. This is when she made the move to Texas to start a fresh chapter in her life. 

5. Seeking mental health support from a professional can be the best thing for you 

Take it from Mia herself, when she said that she had to break years of built up mental damage. Whether it was trust issues, abandonment issues, self-esteem struggles, feelings of loneliness, isolation, depression and anxiety. The one thing she did that she feels like has made a huge positive impact on her life is seeking a mental health specialist. She claims that she didn’t know she was actually suffering and dealing with so much until everything was laid out on the table for her. She said finding the right specialist that works for you can be a journey because it is all about the connection and the trust you form with that person. But she promises that once people are more brave and start seeking help, it will help them be better versions of themselves. She said after going to therapy regularly for a few years, she has felt the best she’s ever been. 

It is no secret that Mia Khalifa has endured much from her past, but through her story we can learn so many amazing stories about life. Throughout the past years, Mia has gotten the chance to grow, evolve and become the amazing human she is today. With that, Mia Khalifa’s interview with ‘Call Her Daddy’ was full of interesting life lessons that we might all know of in the back of our minds, but might desperately need to be reminded of right now. 

by Mariam Asif – YLT Staff

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