Palestine is no longer trending, now what?


Too often, social issues get picked up by hashtags or shares and become trending topics for a couple of few weeks and then die down. In the case of social justice: this must change. Palestine is no longer trending but it is still suffering and we NEED to keep speaking up!

What to do now?

The first thing to remember is that liberating Palestine is NOT a trend. It’s so easy these days to re-share and speaks up when your feed is filled with Palestinian allyship posts. However, we must remember that the occupation has been around for 73 years.

To this day, Palestinians are still living in an apparated state, endure ethnic cleansing and state-sanctioned violence against them. 

Keep the conversation going

Don’t let the topic of apartheid and the unjust reality of Palestinians die down. Continue to do research from reputable sources, stay informed on the subject, and discuss it frequently with others.

You don’t need to be an expert on Palestine, but you should know enough information to develop your own opinion and take action as you see fit.

Use your strengths

We all have a ‘superpower’ – some are great writers, some are content creators, others are great with numbers or business. Whatever it is that you’re good at – ask yourself: “How can I use that to help?” If you don’t know what you’re good at, then ask your friends for advice.

In addition, if you’re a professional like a lawyer, doctor, or teacher, consider creating a collective in your city to see how you can work together to help the cause. In other words, create Palestinian Professional Coalitions – and remember, we’re greater in numbers.


Boycotting is a peaceful tool of resistance. As @letstalkpalestine puts it: “Don’t help companies profit from human rights violations”.

Boycott the following companies, Examples include:

The list is non-exhaustive. Check out the following resources:

Support Palestinian owned Businesses

There’s a lot of discussion on boycotts but not enough on emphasis on supporting Palestinians, including those in the diaspora who often have ties back to Palestine.

Some businesses that are founded or co-founded by Palestinians to support.

Amplify Palestinian Voices

Palestinians are under-represented in mainstream media. Make sure you notice which posts, articles, tweets, and even music are you using on social media? Make an effort to share and amplify the work of Palestinian-led organizations and individuals.

Make routine donations

Continue to donate on a regular basis. Donations can take on many forms. If you aren’t able to provide financial assistance, allocate time to volunteer, research, sign reputable petitions, or offer a service or platform to advocate for Palestinian rights.

Some organizations to consider donating to:

  1. Human Appeal
  2. Palestine Children’s Relief Fund
  3. Medical Aid for Palestinians
  4. United Hands Relief and Development

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