Ruby’s Decade Long Awaited Album is Finally Here

Egyptian singer Ruby. Photo: Instagram (@therubyegy)

Don’t say you’re not excited for Ruby’s latest single release if you haven’t been jamming to ‘Leih Beydari Keda’, her iconic single that was dropped early 2004. The then 21-year-old shocked the Arab world of music dancing her way through the streets of Oxford dressed in the most outrageous fits. After the release of her song, she has been known as a cult classic in many Arab households and the Egyptian singer even went on to release a full album by 2007. Her music has also been featured in twelve different Arab films. After leaving fans to go through an agonizing thirteen years without more music, Ruby’s decade-long awaited album is finally here, and we have all the current details. 

But first a little back story on how Ruby was discovered and where her immediate rise to fame started. Her name is actually Rania Hussein Muhammad Tawfiq. Yes, that is a mouthful and a different vibe from Ruby haha. She was born October 8th, 1981 in Cairo, Egypt. From an early age she started her career as a model, but it was only after she was spotted at Polish singer Marcel Romanoff’s concert front row where he asked to feature her in an upcoming music video for one of his songs, “Don’t Make Me Cry”. While she was still a law student studying at university, she began to appear in various commercials, and later on she got her big break to star in a Arab drama where she played a young wealthy school girl who falls in love with her driver. That is where her name was changed from Rania to Ruby. She finally decided that it was time to break into the world of singing, and in 2003 on a hot summer day she released her first single “Enta Aref Leih” where she received mixed reviews for her seductive belly dancing costume and lyrics. Nevertheless, she slowly climbed her way to immediate fame. 

A year later, she followed her debut with her iconic song Leih Beydari Keda in 2004. The facts are that it’s been 13 years since Ruby has released anything and that has shocked fans, and they are desperately waiting for her new album. Ruby is considered to be a huge sex symbol in the Arab world with her sultry lyrics, and provocative dancing. However, in many interviews when she was asked about her style of music, and choice of clothing; she has often said it is just something she loves, and that she does not consider herself a sex symbol. In Egypt, much of Ruby’s music is banned on regular television channels for being too revealing and provocative. A lot of Ruby’s fans love her for her sultry lyrics, and provoking dance moves, and she has promised that her new album will feature all of that and more. 

The album includes 6 songs, produced by Waleed Mansour. It has also been rumoured that for her new music she is working with nine different Egyptian songwriters and composers some of them are Ayman Bahgat Amar, Aziz El- Shafei and Ahmed Ibrahim. Another thing fans are patiently anticipating for are her over the top music videos which she worked with Egyptian director Mohamed El-Qadi. So, let us know if you like Ruby’s new decade long awaited album ‘Heta Tania’ and if it were all what you expected. Comment down below or DM us.

By Mariam Asif

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