Shahid Original Series: Let’s Talk About Rashash


Shahid VIP has launched yet another original, but this one is pretty deep and inspired by a real story. So, prepare yourselves to shed some tears and watch some next-level action scenes.

Rashash is inspired by a true event from the story of the notorious criminal of the same name in the 1980s, and the Saudi police’s efforts to bring him to justice. One thing you would notice just by watching the first episode is how high quality the filming of the show is, which is not surprising considering Rashash is the largest Arab production created for a streaming platform to date in the MENA region.


Shahid launching Rashash

The show starts off by portraying Rashash as a skilled police officer trying to assert his dominance over fellow younger police officers. You could tell from the beginning his motives to be in the police force were not the cleanest. He stumbles across an opportunity to be taking and selling drugs, and he immediately takes that route. The fact that he is a police officer does not even stop him. This as you can imagine was the end of his police force career after which he leaves and continues his journey in drug trading.

According to the lead actor Yagoub Al-Farhan who plays Rashash: “Rashash seems to justify any crime he commits; for it seems his motto is: you have to be a wolf, otherwise the other wolves will eat you.”

His hunger for power takes him to dark places, even though he might have gotten the rush now, but it eventually took him down. It makes you wonder though, why would someone like Rashash be so obsessed with power that it led him to engage in crime?

About his character, Al-Farhan states: “Having lost his father during his childhood, Rashash grew up suffering many financial hardships while his mother did her best to raise him to become a respectable young man.”

“The older he becomes, the more of a conflict he feels deep inside him; he begins to believe that he is better than the place he is growing up in and that he is not fulfilling his full potential. He also realizes he has developed the charm and charisma to easily influence others.”

“Soon, he begins to justify the path of evil that he takes… His own philosophy is that he has the right to reach his goals no matter the cost.”

“In the moments of weakness or defeats, we see him rise to confront those who have stood in his way. He believes that the world is a forest – you have to be a wolf, otherwise, the other wolves will eat you.”

The show also starts off by introducing another lead character, police officer Fahad. You can tell from the beginning Fahad is going to be our favorite character. He is an idealistic man with principles that make him perfect to be a police officer fighting for the safety of his country. His ideas even get him in trouble with his superiors in the police department, but he is persistent to bring down his target criminal.

Played by Naif Al-Daferi, Al-Daferi describes his character as the young officer that is on a mission to achieve justice.

“My character Fahd is a young man who seeks to convince his father that he is up to the responsibility of joining the forces, and so he does so with the aim of excelling in his career. As well as ambitious, he is also stubborn – not only does he want to achieve justice, but he also wants to avenge his friend and colleague who died at the hands of Rashash and his gang.”

Rashash on Shahid VIP introduces a new type of genre into Saudi production, combining action and drama inspired by a real-life story we can all learn some valuable life lessons from.

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