Shahid VIP released its biggest original to date


I’ve been waiting for this one (this one being Rashash!). In July, Shahid VIP released another exclusive banger of a show to watch, this August this show is a must-watch!

The release of MBC’s Rashash A Shahid Original Series has kept us all excited.

Inspired by real events, “Rashash” is about the story of a notorious Saudi criminal (Rashash!) in the 1980s, and the Saudi police’s efforts to bring him to justice. Rashash’s life of crime, beginning with his entry into the underworld, and ending with his capture. The story also goes deep into the young and dedicated officer (Fahd) whose mission is to capture Rashash.

Rashash is a Shahid VIP original series and is the largest Arabic production created for a streaming platform in the MENA region, to date, by MBC STUDIOS.

One episode is released per week. Each episode in the eight-part series is around 55 minutes long.

As part of Shahid and MBC GROUP’s mission to foster, mentor, and promote upcoming talent from the Kingdom, “Rashash” features AN ALL-SAUDI CAST in leading roles.

Leading roles

Yagoub Al-Farhan (Rashash)

Khalid Yeslam (Chief Azam)

Hakeem Jomah (Sultan)

Ibrahem Al-Hajjaj (Qahas)

Sumaya Rida (Aida)

Special feature: Hassan Assiri

Naif Al-Daferi (Fahd)

Fayez Bin Jurayis (Omar)

Abdullah Al Burrak (Mahal)

Ayman Mutahar (Musleh)

70 per cent of filming took place outdoors in the desert, which is challenging in a summer climate. Full post-production of the series took place in the United Kingdom.

Al-Farhan trained 5-6 times a day. Training included how to jump from a moving car to a truck.

Also…Can we appreciate some quotes from the show?

“Rashash seems to justify any crime he commits; for it seems his motto is: ‘you have to be a wolf, otherwise the other wolves will eat you.” – Yagoub Al-Farhan

“Omar is the most innocent character of them all – one moment with Rashash changes his life forever.” – Fayez Bin Jurayis:

“Mahal loves money and power… and takes advantage of the weaknesses of others.” – Abdullah Al-Barrak

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