This is Why Dating as an Arab Millennial is So Messed Up


Research says millennials are the generation that’s been on the fewest dates so far (Let’s see how Gen Z turns out though!). Dating has become more difficult in general, and dating as an Arab millennial is even more complicated with so many cultural values and personal factors in play. Trust us you’re not alone, we’ve all experienced it and we get it! This is why dating as an Arab millennial is so messed up:

  1. As if it’s not already difficult enough for you to find someone that fits “your checklist” if you have one or someone you like period, this person also has to fit your parents’ expectations. Generally some of these expectations can be healthy, aka they are a good person from a relatively normal family. However, there’s a spectrum of these expectations where it can get toxic, especially when the intention of these parental expectations is not necessarily your happiness or wellbeing but you or your family’s social status. This pressure can not only shrink your dating pool dramatically, but you might give in to your family’s expectations at the end (even though it might be something you don’t necessarily agree with).
  1. Soo where do people actually meet people? No for real DM us if you have some good tips. For the common ways people meet other people, there’s still some stigma using dating apps and the traditional way of finding someone though family is generally looked down upon by the younger generation. There’s basically no winning, so our advise to you is to go for however way you want to meet people (as long as you feel safe while doing it).
  1. If someone asks us to describe the dating scene this decade it would be unclear intentions. Lots of people are on dating apps or talking to other people to find someone they can connect with and date or get married to. At the same time, a lot of people are looking to casually talk to people, with no intention of a relationship. Now none of these intentions or actions in themselves are bad, on the contrary, everyone should do whatever makes them happy. However, a lot of us find it difficult to communicate our intentions to the person we’re talking to, mostly in fear of rejection if the other person is not aligned with our intentions.
  1. Most of us find ourselves seeking highly romanticized chemistry, perfect first dates and #couplegoals relationships. This is mostly because of what we’re fed on the daily on social media, music and movies. However, what a lot of us fail to realize is we’re only shown the best looking dopamine filled part of relationships, making us chase something that doesn’t really exist.

Hopefully this piece has made you understand why dating as an Arab millennial is so messed up and you’re not the only one finding it difficult to find your habibi/habibti. Feel free to comment below if you have ideas on how to make dating easier 😉

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