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Are you looking for beautiful hand-crafted jewelry and accessories that represent your land of the Middle East? Or are you looking for something that makes you feel a sense of identity and empowerment? We have one word for you guys; Nominal. Nominal is a Middle Eastern inspired brand that focuses on creating oriental designed jewelry that represents the Arabic culture. The brand’s focus is on jewelry but it does not end there; they have extended their creations to various other things like notebooks, clothing, hijabs, and even signs to hang in your rooms. Nominal has exceeded consumers’ expectations of their quality products, and we have to admit it is a great way to wear your identity. 

The Journey

The creators of Nominal have said that the point of wearing anything is to feel a certain way. On their journey to creating the best brand their main focus was to create jewelry that uplifted individuals, made them feel empowered, and showcased their identity. During the process of creating Nominal the creators had a battle with what is the best way to outwardly express your style? The main focus for creating extraordinary jewelry was so individuals not only express themselves in terms of sense of style, but also in terms of their beliefs of being part of the Arab community. It is understandable that the market catered for these jewelry pieces is quite niche, but really the pieces are for anyone who believes in their own self, or even connects with what Nominal is trying to project. 

In the end the founders of Nominal wanted to have a community of people that felt special and proud everytime they wore their pieces. It should be a gratifying moment when an individual has a necklace around their neck of their name in Arabic. Or a bracelet that has some specific Islamic scripture on it. Over the next few years, Nominal has taken their brand on a journey like none other creating a family of over 125,000+ loyal customers. Nominal is known for creating pieces that represent beautiful scriptures from various Islamic texts and Arabic calligraphy truly inspired by the Arabian style of jewelry making with beautiful gold and silver dainty pieces. Whatever you want, Nominal carries it, and most likely better than your average jewelry store. 

Deed of the Month 

The concept of Deed of the Month is what makes this growing company truly like no other. Every month the company has special pieces of jewelry or accessories that go on a ‘deed of the month’ which means 25% of the profit from the pieces will be going to a specific charity that the creators have decided. Nominal has been able to help various different organizations around the world, from providing bread to people in Syria, to building a fresh water well in Mali, and there’s many more organizations that they have helped and to come. The goal here is to put a smile on the faces of consumers who have purchased the jewelry, but also on the faces of those who need it the most. Giving back has always been a priority for them and Nominal wants to give back as much as they can through their business. In 2019, they were able to raise over $30,000 to give back to organizations. In 2020, the numbers raised to over $90,000. The sky is truly the limit, and for Nominal it is a staircase to great heights. 

Best Seller Items 

This is the fun bit, where we showcase some of the amazing jewelry products that Nominal carries. All their necklaces are made from the finest stainless steel and coated with 18k gold. All pieces at Nominal are covered with their life time warranty. Their best selling jewelry item is their Arabic name necklace. Consumers are able to get their name in Arabic translated on a dainty necklace. Customers also have the choice of choosing a necklace with just the initial of their name in English or Arabic. They have the opportunity to choose from various different pendants with beautiful Arabic scriptures and calligraphy inscribed on them. When it comes to jewelry, customers can choose necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, earrings and watches. They also have the choice of buying cool notebooks for their personal reasons that have brown hard covers on them and come in many different Arabian style designs and exterior. Women can choose different colors of the Hijab (head scarf) and even clothes; they sell gender neutral hoodies, crewnecks, and tee-shirts with Arabic texts on them. They even carry neon signs for individual rooms with Arabic text, or the outline of your country’s shape. It is best to say that there are multiple things that Nominal provides and there is something for everyone. 

The best brands are the ones that create something for people from their hearts, and ones that also want to change the world. Nominal has said multiple times that its goal is to see a smile on the customers face, but also on the faces that need to smile more which are the various charities they work for. Everything that Nominal provides for indigidils is made with love, and for people to wear with pride. With that, it has created a successful brand and loyal community for themselves. Nominal is a brand that encourages individuals to proudly wear their identity and own who they are, and where they come from.

By Mariam Asif

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