Where Did Bella Hadid’s Sudden Neutrality About Palestine Come From?

YLT Staff

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Instagram: @bellahadid

Isabella Khair Hadid is one of America’s well-known and highest paid supermodels. She is born half Palestinian to Realestate developer Mohamad Hadid. Bella Hadid has always been very passionate and outspoken about her heritage and roots. She has talked a lot about being both Palestinian and Muslim, and the amazing traditions, rituals, and celebrations she grew up celebrating with her father Mohamad Hadid. 

With the recent uproar against the ethnic cleansing continuing to happen in Palestine, she has been extremely vocal, making it very clear where she stands giving her unconditional support for Palestine. She has posted various images on her Instagram account asking her followers to donate to various Palestinian charities, and educating her fans about the injustices that are taking place. She went as far as to marching alongside other Palestinians in New York City and protest against the apartheid taking place in Palestine. 

Instagram: @bellahadid

However, a few days after her advocacy for Palestine, the supermodel who has been so adamant on publicly supporting her nation has decided to take a neutral stance on the whole situation, which many of her fans have been left wondering about Bella Hadid’s sudden neutrality about Palestine . She posted a now deleted tweet and Instagram story where she called for “Peace, co-existence, and equality” accompanying the Israeli and Palestinian flag. 

Instagram: @bellahadid

Many of her fans have been speculating to see what caused Bella Hadid’s sudden neutrality about Palestine. The conclusions led to her Dior brand deal that is worth millions. Bella Hadid has been a long-term partner and model of the mega fashion-makeup house Dior. She has appeared in multiple campaigns as the face of their brand and she has even become their most recognizable brand ambassador. 

After her multiple posts of her support for Palestine, many pro-Israeli comments flooded Dior’s social media pages comments section asking the brand to do something about Bella and her support for the Palestinians. Many pro-Israeli supporters started to call out Dior for its perceived ‘anti-semitism’. 

At the end of the day, Bella is a model, and has specific brands she has to work with, and it is not possible for her to simply cut ties with a project so quickly. With the pressure from both sides, it is understandable for Bella Hadid’s sudden neutrality about Palestine. There is no proof behind why she has taken a neutral stand, and all of the conclusions are just mainly speculation, and allegations that are made by fans and supporters of the supermodel. One thing to consider is the fact that Israeli supporters are deeply embedded in the western world’s business with many brands directly supporting and funding Israel, making Bella’s sudden neutral stance a no surprise. 

Just recently, it has been confirmed by multiple sources within LVMH that the French Luxury brand will not be cutting ties with Bella Hadid who has been the face of Dior beauty since 2016, and that they stand by her side in her advocacy for human rights. One source said, “LVMH’s stance on politics is neutral, but they are not cancelling Bella’s contract”. So while official spokespeople for Dior have not directly spoken up about the security of Bella Hadid’s contract, they are seemingly accepting of celebrities, and influencers in the industry who are more vocal of taboo topics, and conversations. These discussions need to be normalized, and accepted. This means that the supermodel can continue to speak up. 

However, many of Hadid’s fans are very optimistic and know that this is not the last that they have heard from Bella and her ongoing support for her people, and her nation. She is very outspoken of the matter, and fans know that she will continue to do so. The best thing her fans and supporters can do is take her side, repost her instagram story, and stand by her side at all costs. 

by Mariam Asif – YLT Staff

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