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Yalla! Let’s Talk. welcomes articles pitched by YOU! We are here to help amplify your voice and give you the support needed to share your narrative. Here are some pointers to help you pitch the best piece possible in line with our magazine’s guidelines.

Scope of Content:

Yalla! Let’s Talk. is a media company aimed at amplifying the voices of Arab millennials and GenZ globally. We are focused on sharing stories that would otherwise go unheard, and addressing underrepresented and taboo issues in the Arabic culture. Our content is authentic, young and unapologetic, and so should be the piece you’re pitching! If you think your piece is in line with these themes please read ahead. 

Type of Article:

Your article could be either an evergreen piece of content, such as funny “How I Convinced My Parents to Date My Non-Arab Partner”, or a time-sensitive piece of content such as “My Life As An Arab Climate Activist” which is more time-sensitive and would optimally be posted around Climate Action Week. Accordingly, indicate the time you prefer to publish your article in the form below.

The angle of Article:

Research the topic they’re writing about. List down the outline of the article and try to find facts, stories and scenarios you can use to support your article. Storytelling is the most powerful way of delivering a point/argument, so make sure to use and abuse it.

The title of your article is your sell to whether someone is going to read your article or not. You may be able to write the best content, but if your title is not captivating, no one is going to read it! Make sure your title is concise, simple, relatable, interesting and POWERFUL. Eg:

Write your Article: 

Write out your article. Word count is between 500-1200 words, depending on your piece. After you’re done, give it a read and edit it where you think necessary. Include pictures and visuals to use for the article. You can use the following websites that provide copyright-free visuals: pexels.com, unsplash.com, giphy.com, flickr.com (under all creative commons in the license drop-down box – only section that’s permitted), commons.wikimedia.org. Here’s how you credit photos from these sources:

  1. Unsplash.com or Pexels.com/ photographer name
  2. Giphy account name/Giphy/Giphy.com
  3. Flickr Creative Commons / Photographer name
  4. Owner of the image name/ Copyright license/ Via Wikimedia Commons / commons.wikimedia.org

Otherwise, you can use other images listing the source we need to credit or embed them from social media sources such as Instagram. 

Otherwise, if you have any questions, please email us at m@yallaletstalk.com

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