Canadian Doctor Returns From Gaza Describes What He Saw l Dr. Yipeng Ge


As Macklemore drops “Hind’s Hall” and the encampment at universities continues to rise, we want to continue to create a space where we can amplify voices to put an end to the atrocities that we are currently witnessing.

Today’s guest is Dr. Yipeng Ge. A Canadian resident Doctor who was suspended from the University of Ottawa for his social media posts (might I add, he was suspended without due process or fair investigation). When the University of Ottawa decided to re-instate him, he chose to decline their offer. Instead, Dr. Yipeng Ge went to Rahaf in Gaza to provide his medical services to those in need.

At the time of this episode, more than 44,000 civilians in Gaza have been killed by Israeli occupation forces since October. More than 77,800 people have been inured. The situation continues to get worse as Rahaf is now being obliterated. Dr. Yipeng Ge tells us what he saw and what the conversations he had were like.

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