You Are NOT Overthinking, You Just Dated a Narcissist or a Cheater l With Najwa Zebian


Have you found it very difficult to let go of someone who cheated? Have you dated a narcissist before? And do YOU want to heal and start dating again? Listen to this episode!

In first episode of season 2, I had the pleasure to sit down with @NajwaZebian. Najwa is no stranger to Yalla! Let’s Talk., where her previous episode “Buy Yourself Flowers, Trust Your Heart, and Start Healing” was among the top listened episode of our last season. She is a best-selling author (“Welcome Home”, “Conversations on Letting Go”, “The Nectar of Pain”, and the list goes on), poet, activist, speaker, and educator. Najwa truly has a gift with words and truly understands complexities of a subject and simplifies the advice.

In this episode, we discuss the topic of letting go, specifically from a cheater or narcissist (often times, both). We dive into the following topics:

1) They Cheated. Now What?

2) Ways to Actually Let Go, Even Without Closure

3) What You Need To know When Getting Over a Narcissist

4) Dating Again & Finding Someone EVEN Better

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