Eid al-Adha: 5 ways to keep the celebrations going

From the Yalla! Let’s Talk family, we would like to wish all Muslims around the world a very joyous and happy Eid al-Adha. With the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions easing a bit, families are now able to meet and see each

How to Heal Yourself from Transgenerational Trauma

Mental health and emotional wellbeing is a topic that should be addressed often. With time individuals are starting to discuss anxiety, depression, and even various different disorders, however, transgenerational trauma is something that occurs but is a topic that is

Here are 3 positives of running for your mental health

Dr. Adel KorKor is a Physician and the founder of the KorKor foundation. In his 37 years of a Physician, he has had the honour of touching and changing countless numbers of individual’s lives. Now he is finally embarking on

5 Tips That Actually Work To Be An Ally For LGBTQ+ Arabs

Guess what? Being kind and compassionate towards different minority groups is actually free! We asked few LGBTQ+ Arabs how they can best be supported to feel safe and celebrate their identities, and here’s what we came up with: 1. Don’t

How to Cope with Compassion Fatigue

At the end of 2019, Hasan Minhaj wrapped up Volume 5 of his hard-hitting show, Patriot Act, by talking about how to deal with Compassion Fatigue. With the trauma we just experienced in 2020, a lot of us might have

Social Media Is The Opium Of The Masses

What Marx is often misquoted as saying “religion is the opium of the masses” can be taken as a dig at religion. If you allow me to steer away from discussing religion in this article: Marx’s point was that people

Are You Nervous Attending Virtual Events?

Since the pandemic has taken over the world, the rise of virtual events has also started to take off. Instead of meeting in-person and having large gatherings, with loads of food, music, and entertainment, events have slowly shifted to being

Why Arabs Need to Understand and Talk About Masturbation

Any topic related to sexual health is usually taboo in the Arab community. Generally, sex education is something that is not discussed amongst those that are born and raised in a conservative Arab households. And let’s be honest, most Arab

Why Men Talk Side By Side, Not Face To Face

“Men talk side by side – Not face to face” said an interviewee on a radio piece about a mental health workshop popping up in a town in Ontario. No, not a workshop for mental health, an actual workshop with

4 Ways To Improve Your Mood During Quarantine

As we know there are numerous parts of the world right now that are in strict lock down due to the growing spread of the Coronavirus. Although we hope that there will come a time when things will go back

Tips For Coming Out To Your Arab Parents

This post is written as a resource for LGBTQ+ Arabs in our community. YLT is a safe and inclusive space for all Arabs and Arab-identifying Millennials and Gen Z. We see you and support you through your journey whether you

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