Playing Reflex! Yalla! Let’s Talk.

Arab Millennials play a quick fire round of Reflex – a critical thinking conversation card game. Find out if they think aliens exist, what “good habits” they want to pick up and if their exes would have anything nice to

Arab Millennials On Where to Find Your Next Date!

Relationship, situationships, flirtationships – we have a name for every stage but how do we get there in the first place? By shooting our shots. In this segment, the panel discusses the various ways to meet someone. Is it different

Arab Millennials on Dating Apps!

Tinder, Minder, Bumble, Hinge… with all these apps to bring us together, why are so many saying they can’t seem to find anyone? In this segment, our panel shares their experiences. We asked our YLT community if their dating has

What’s It Like Being Benched!?

Ever liked someone just enough to keep talking to them, but not enough to lock it down because you want to keep your options open… no? Ever had it happen to you? Well, that’s benching. In this segment, our panel

Everyone Stutters; I Just Do It When I Speak. | Joze Piranian

Joze Piranian, has gone from avoiding speaking due to a debilitating stutter to speaking at TEDx, appearing on the CBC Evening News, sharing the stage with Arlene Dickinson at the Archangel Summit, and performing stand-up comedy in Los Angeles at

From Trouble Maker to Global Change Maker | Lina Khalifeh

Lina has empowered more than 18,000 women and certified over 550 instructors globally through SheFighter. Her road to establishing the first self-defense studio for women in the Middle East reminds us that a challenging journey does not mean you will

Work With Your Body, Not Against It l Dr. Maisam Hasan

Dr. Maisam speaks about her journey with naturopathy by realizing the impact it can have on the people around us. Her talk will empower the audience with the right tools to handle today’s chronic life stressors for a stronger body,

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