A Tribute to Sarah Hegazi

Sarah Hegazi was an Egyptian, writer, and lesbian activist. She was arrested, imprisoned and tortured in Egypt for three month after raising a rainbow flag at a Mashrou’ Leila concert in 2017 in Cairo. This year on Monday, June 14

Here Are 3 New Turkish Shows to Watch on Shahid VIP

Now that summer is here, it is an excellent time to relax, and binge-watch upcoming shows. If you want to watch Turkish shows, then head over to Shahid VIP. this is the best place to get started. It is the

Did you see Elyanna’s Viral TikTok on Palestine?

I’m sure by now everyone has heard of Elyanna’s viral TikTok video, a cover of Fi Hagat by Nancy Ajram and Talking to the moon by Bruno Mars. She is most known for her famous covers of Arabic songs such

Staying Mentally Healthy With Dr. Adel Korkor’s Foundation

The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined mental health as a “state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively, and fruitfully, and is able

How Muslims Celebrate Eid Around The World

There are so many Muslims around the world that come from such unique backgrounds, cultures, and customs of doing things. Eid and any type of celebration can be extremely different for Muslims living in various parts of the world, especially

What Demi Lovato Can Teach Us About Embracing Our Identity

Demi Lovato has been popping up alot in the media within the last month. First because she released her Youtube Docu-series called “Dancing with the Devil” which is a look back at some of the singers most trying times as

Is There A Right Way To Protest For Palestine?

Notwithstanding the lack of good faithed coverage of every protest for Palestine by mainstream media, hundreds of thousands around the world demonstrate for Palestinians in a massive and powerful way against the violence and ethnic cleansing caused by Israeli forces

Jenan Matari: The Face Behind Missmuslim.nyc Blog

Yalla! Let’s Talk. had the pleasure of sitting down virtually with the woman behind the online magazine called MissMuslim.nyc; Jenan Matari. We talked about everything from her brand and magazine, to what made her want to start her journey with

5 Ways We Can Support Palestinians

Many of you reading this have seen the current turn of events happening in Palestine, with people uprising and standing up for their basic rights as humans to live in peace and dignity. There have been a lot of buzz

How I Resisted Community Pressure And Embraced My Identity

The Arab world is full of many rich and colorful cultures, groups, and communities with many differences at hand. Growing up in my Arab community and immigrating into other communities, I realised most Arab communities have one similarity – the

6 Figures That Shook Arab Feminism Up And Are Continuing To Do So

The conversation around feminism that many of us are familiar with revolves around western feminism. Most times this perspective lends itself to a very focused idea about how women need more equality in a male-dominated world and this equality needs

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