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Who is OziKoy?

In this special segment, we dive deep into the lives of Arab content creators in the west. Today, we are joined by 19 year old Khalil Yatim, also known as “Ozikoy” on social media. Khalil tells us what it’s like

Alana Hadid: “I will not be silenced”

In this episode, we are joined by fashion icon, model, and creative director, Alana Hadid. Alana is a daughter of a Nakba survivor, and she shares with us her family’s story and her perspectives on how your voice can free

Why Learning Arabic Can Be Hard? l Diana Al Dajani

In celebration of Arab Heritage Month, we are bringing you an episode that dissects deep into an important part of Arab culture – the language! In this episode of the YLT Podcast, we have Diana Al-Dajani, entrepreneur of the Arabic

Can Authenticity Heal You? l Najwa Zebian

In this episode, we dive into a discussion on being your true and authentic self. The conversation is through the lens of culture, religion, parents’ expectations, and how to reconcile those forces in order to move forward, heal, and lead

The Truth of How to be a Great Leader in Business l Rami Helali

Authenticity and curiosity are some of the most underrated characteristics of leadership. Join the conversation as we discuss entrepreneurship, mindsets, and leadership with Rami Helali, the Co-Founder and CEO of Kotn, a B-Corp on a mission to bring lasting, sustainable

How Can Content Creators Make Money in 2024? l Jesse Jaurji

Everyone seems to want to become a content creator these days. But how do you actually build a sustainable career? In this episode, we sit down with Jessie Jaurji, and in this conversation, we learn how you can build a

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