Afro Arabs Discrimination Is Worse Than You Think

*Trigger warning: description of racist events and performances describes below for awareness purposes* History tells us that Afro Arabs discrimination had been happening long ago in the Middle East. Afro Arabs of today are speaking out about how they continue

Is the New Citizenship Law in the UAE Actually Beneficial?

The new citizenship law in the UAE (or United Arab Emirates) was recently announced and has been met with a lot of curiosity. The previously strict rule of not giving citizenship to foreigners was recently revised to now allow ‘talented’

Palestinian Library Restored to Encourage Research

One of the oldest libraries in Jerusalem has now recently been restored and is on its way to becoming a full functioning sanctuary for people to use. The old Palestinian library restored to encourage research was founded in 1900 and

Riyadh Will be One of the Top 10 World Economies?

The Saudi prince, Mohammad Bin Salman has recently revealed that Riyadh will be one of the top 10 world economies. He has stated that true growth happens in the city, whether it is in terms of industry innovation, schools, services

Faouzia’s New Single Minefields with John Legend

Recently, the Moroccan Canadian singer Faouzia has released a new duet with John Legend called Minefields. This has had a very positive outburst from Faouzia’s fans for being able to collaborate with one with the “All of Me” star John

Have You Heard of Vaccine Tourism for the Rich in Dubai?

COVID-19 has influenced our lives in the simplest ways yet changed our lifestyle massively. It has prevented us from doing the smallest of things like going to a coffee shop with friends and attending events, parties and concerts. It feels

A Poem About Iraq

I worry for a country defined by its wars A country coated in fear And infiltrated with violence Enemies who abuse its vulnerabilities  Tears of thick blood shed by bombs of silence My mother can still hear the sirens  My

Ramy Nominated for the Critics Choice Awards

The 26th annual Critics Choice Awards recently unveiled its nominations for best comedy series and best actor in comedy series, and these nominations include none but Ramy and Ramy Youssef as nominees for these categories. Ever since the release of

Persecution of Muslims by Muslims on TikTok?

How does religious persecution look like in 2021? What if I told you that just because we have technology and religious freedoms, many Muslims till this day are still being persecuted against? And what if I told you that those

5 Things We Shouldn’t Forget in 2020

COVID-19 being the biggest event of this year worldwide, taking over our lives and changing the way we live – probably forever, and hopefully taking positive changes post the pandemic. However, some other events happened during this year we should

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