Life as a Palestinian Living in the West Bank

This week, Israel has arrested (again) Khalida Jarrar, an iconic Palestinian leader, in the occupied West Bank. She was last released from prison in September 2021, after serving two years on charges of belonging to the Popular Front for Liberation

Maya Hussein: Embrace the Possibilities of Life

With over 900K followers on TikTok and over 200K on Instagram, we sat down with viral Lebanese Canadian TikTok creator Maya Hussein who gave us an exclusive interview on her journey of being a creator and good ol’ advice on

We Spoke To Dana Salah: Artistry, ADHD, and Arab Identity

Dana Salah is a Jordanian-Palestinian singer, songwriter, and musician. After graduating from Duke University with a degree in Economics, Salah moved to New York City to pursue her music career under the name King Deco. Creating music as King Deco,

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Are North Africans Arab?

North African countries have an identity crisis because of their genetic make-up. Through thousands of years, North African people have been influenced (albeit forced) by centuries of colonization from the Roman Empire, the German Vandals, the Italian Empire, the Greek

Pandemic stories: Arabs shared what they learned

This pandemic has been a rollercoaster, a year full of chaos and we know we are not the only ones feeling exhausted. Everyone just wants the masks, stay-at-home orders, and lockdowns to end, but this has become the new norm.

These two upcoming comedians will brighten up your day

Comedy has been used for centuries as a way to let individuals escape the hardships in their daily lives. These two upcoming Arab comedian are the fresh-faced Arab comedians that you must check out. Nour Hadidi Hadidi is a young

Feryal Abdelaziz: first Egyptian woman to win Olympic gold

Feryal Abdelaziz, 22, made history and became the first Egyptian woman to win Olympic gold medal in women’s karate Kumite +61kg event. This is Egypt’s first Olympic gold medal since 2004. Karam Gaber was the last athlete to win a

My.Kali magazine: changing the perspective

My.Kali magazine founded in September 2007, initially started in Jordan but is a MENA regional website. It is a Queer Feminist intersectional platform that using its platform to change the way Arabs in the Middle East and Diaspora view Queer

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