A Poem About Iraq

Soran Choman Road, Iraq.

I worry for a country defined by its wars

A country coated in fear

And infiltrated with violence

Enemies who abuse its vulnerabilities 

Tears of thick blood shed by bombs of silence

My mother can still hear the sirens 

My father quietly sorrows

I can’t help but wonder,

How they hide their trauma under covers 

For I’ve only heard of, not experienced 

The Iraq where ferocity hovers 

I worry for a country defined by its wars 

Can its heart still beat strong, 

After it’s been so heavily torn? 

I say yes, 

More for selfish reasons 

As it’s the only country I wish to admire

In any of life’s seasons 

If you ask me exactly when,

I’ll lower my head and look to the floor 

That is a question I’ve never been able to answer,

Since time struggles to heal all of its sores 

By Renell Shisha 

IG: @renshishh

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