Eid al-Adha: 5 ways to keep the celebrations going


From the Yalla! Let’s Talk family, we would like to wish all Muslims around the world a very joyous and happy Eid al-Adha. With the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions easing a bit, families are now able to meet and see each other with of course keeping the restrictions in mind, but this is what makes Eid special and exciting (again).

Eid al-Adha is a holy day, considered a feast of sacrifice, usually, Eid days consist of rising up early for prayers, eating sweets as it is considered a sunnah, conducting animal sacrifice rituals, and distributing meat amongst those in need. Eid al-Adha is all about giving and positive actions.

Spending time with your family and connecting with your loved ones is what uplifts the spirit of Eid. We recommend you keep your Eid joy and excitement alive for as long as possible. This can simply be done by carrying a few of the traditions forward and inputting them into your usual (daily/weekly) routine.

Plan your meals ahead

During Eid al-Adha, one of the most wholesome memory and activity that one can participate in is cooking with their family members.

Try getting the children involved by having them decorate sweets or simply arranging the table. Small acts like these keep everyone engaged and provides the family members to communicate and recall old memories that are shareable, a burst of laughter that you will remember!

In your usual routine, plan ahead for your meals, we often think of only planning our meals unless we are heading out, or on some sort of diet. But even if you’re home, still plan your meals ahead, because it gives you some time to reflect on what your body is intaking, which is important.

Besides this Eid, continue to spend some time to have a meal with your loved one(s) and keep this tradition alive.

Movie and Game night

The perfect time to escape from our busy lives and daily activities. After your Eid meal, spend time playing games and watching movies together.

Board Games

Few games we recommend are classic known ones: Backgammon, BINGO, Carrom board game, Charades, Cards Against Humanity, Checkers, Chess, Dominoes, Family Feud, Heads Up, LUDO, Monopoly, Scrabble, Speak Out, Trivia and UNO.

Amazon – Large Family Games

Get yourself a perfect drink after your meal, a warm cup of tea/coffee, and have a games night with family often. This is the perfect way to create memories this Eid and have the spirit going forward in your usual routine.

If communicating or wanting to break the ice through a game was a thing, charades and trivia would be leading winners. But, the list can get big so we would love to hear from you!

What family board game is your favorite and recommended?


This Eid, we have found three perfect movies that you can watch amongst your family and friends.

Ali’s Wedding

This movie is the Arab version of the My Big Fat Greek Wedding and has an Australian twist to it. The title itself speaks for itself, this movie is all about the biggest wedding taking place in Melbourne. It is a classic rom-com movie where Ali finds himself torn between his arranged marriage and love.

This movie is the perfect heartwarming story that might make your family members discuss big Arab weddings and traditions, the best way to make your married family members walk down the memory lane of recalling their wedding!

Available on Netflix.

American Eid

Buckle up your seatbelt because you’re about to relate to what Eid in North America looks like. This story is about a Muslim immigrant who is on a mission to make Eid a public-school holiday.

Whether you’re a kid in school or all grown up and working, either way, we have all had to “ask” for a day off on Eid. It does shed a light on how Muslims can feel like the Eid festival isn’t viewed as important.

Regardless, this movie is about to make you remember all those times you had to ask for a day off, and well if you wore henna and went back to school, everyone had millions of questions!

Available on Disney+.

From A to B

If you’re in for a comedy, we got you! This movie is all about a road trip of three friends, and they are heading from Abu Dhabi to Beirut. Omar, Ramy, and Jay face everything during this road trip, from Saudi policemen to Syrian rebels.

When you think about road trips, automatically you remember the countless road trips you have had with your family or friends. This is a perfect way to recall a memory of your own trip.

Available on Netflix.

Clean and decorate

Cleaning before and after the main Eid day is an essential step. It helps to get your environment decorated and to feel that energy around. In fact, a recommended deep house cleaning and rearranging the furniture for a change might just be helpful for everyone, and spraying perfume or any scent you desire is the perfect way to improve everyone’s mood.

You can decorate your house with Eid banners and LED lights, and why not keep the LED lights up till after Eid, if you of course love the look.

This is also a great opportunity for kids to get involved. they have been staying indoors for so long and they deserve to get all artsy and enjoy decorating the house. On that note, we can’t forget how they always enjoy making cards, a Eid card by them is the cutest way to bring a smile to a family member’s face.

We also recommend creating an indoor and outdoor playlist that you can play outside, play songs that you and your family will enjoy, while you enjoy the Eid festivities. (This Eid playlist can be played at any time, so perfect excuse to use it for regular days).

Dress your best

This might be a given but dress your best on Eid and it is the perfect excuse to wear your favorite traditional clothes. It is not necessary to buy new clothes, you can simply just go through your old clothes and get creative by combining them to create that perfect new look for this Eid. Also, spend time doing your henna with your loved ones!

We recommend all of you to spend time with your family and friends and take memorable photos. If you can’t in person, then virtually and take a bunch of screenshots.

It is the perfect way to create memories with your loved ones, and no matter where you are, dress in your traditional clothes more often and wear what brings you happiness.

Do good deeds and share gifts

During Eid al-Adha worshippers around the world get closer to their religion by praying, doing positive actions, sacrificing goat, sheep, or lamb, and most importantly helping those in need. It is the best way of gaining good deeds.

Look within your communities and see where you can give donations whether it is for a good cause or for a local mosque. While you’re looking to find clothes you’re going to wear, see if there are any clothes you can donate. If there is any food you can give to someone that is homeless or even your neighbors. Every little action and gesture matters, try to make everyone around you smile by spreading joy, and if you know anyone who is spending Eid alone, take the time to invite them and speak to them. Remember people around you, always.

During Eid many Muslims give money to kids, we strongly recommend adding a tradition of giving a gift to your family members, we know it can be hard to give a gift to every member.

So, why not write all family member’s names in a bowl and have every family member pick a person’s name, and that person can buy a gift for the person they got. This moment will be so exciting for everyone and make them feel so special.

You can carry on this tradition after Eid by sharing a meal with a family member or bringing them their favorite drink, the perfect way to make them smile!

Muslims around the world always wait for Eid al-Adha with full enthusiasm. Trying out these new activities is the best way to keep everyone excited during Eid and keeping these few traditions going on in your usual (daily/weekly) routine.

Create and recall more memories and if you come across a new tradition, feel free to share it with us. The more inspiration, the better, Happy Eid al-Adha.

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