How Arab Men Can Do More l Oussama Tabbara


Here are the 5, important pieces of relationship advice for men that are discussed in this video:

1. Avoid double standards – they’re toxic. For example, with your sisters, you should not expect her to do less simply because she is a woman.

2. Control does NOT equal protection

3. You need to be clear about consent. It’s always better to ask than assume.

4. If you’re sexually active, you can get an STD/STI. You have an obligation to notify people you’ve hooked up with recently.

5. Should you still be friends with an ex or previous situationship? That is a question you can only answer, but your current partners feelings are valid. Today, I had the pleasure to speak to comedian and friend, Oussama Tabbara. We delved into a discussion, that ranged from hypocrisy found in some Arab men to having an important discussion on consent. Though the title of the episode is “Arab Men”, I’m sure the themes discussed can be applied to many cultures and dynamics.

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