Pandemic stories: Arabs shared what they learned


This pandemic has been a rollercoaster, a year full of chaos and we know we are not the only ones feeling exhausted. Everyone just wants the masks, stay-at-home orders, and lockdowns to end, but this has become the new norm.

The pandemic has definitely served some frightening scenarios like taking a toll on people’s mental health, divorce rates went higher, friendships were lost, people were distant.

However, we must say the pandemic has also allowed us to be more alone, in our own heads, and finally take the time to dissect what really was going on.

Before the pandemic, it felt as if we were just running and rushing in our daily busy lives.

The pandemic allowed us to recognize what was bothering us, and some of the brave ones, or most of the people that we talked to agree.

The pandemic has led us to some really low lows but if we look at the bright side it has led us to some high highs as well, and most people refer to that as enlightenment.

We got the chance to speak to few Arabs (of all ages) on what the pandemic has taught them and what they have learned. Some of the responses shocked us. We got an overwhelming response of so many lessons people have learned but we have selected a few unique ones that we feel are worth sharing. 

Spirituality – pandemic story 

Before the pandemic, I would get lost with my friends at parties, drinking, and I would also do drugs. 

When the lockdown took place I had nowhere to run, I was completely isolated and by myself- or so I thought. 

When I felt at my lowest, and extremely depressed, I decided to seek the truth about this world. I decided to one day get up and pray and realized that I was not completely alone. 

I had God with me. God never left me, but I had lost him. I feel as though I have found him again, and that changed me. 

I understand the pandemic has brought a lot of hardships for people, and I agree with that. But, now I live by the phrase, everything works for you, not against you. 

In God’s world, everything is for you, and he is always going to be there. I like being more alone now, I have lost a few friends as well, and have distanced myself from many. I like to carry a journal with me wherever I go, and I like to write. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, I felt as if I were about to die and had nothing left to live. I realized now I found my purpose and I have so much to live for, and I have never felt happier. 

I advise everyone to connect to something spiritual. I have been saved.

Mental Health – pandemic story 

I used to overthink before the pandemic and really get into my head and worry about the smallest things. 

During the pandemic, it was really hard for me to see things on the news. I felt as if things would never get better. 

I actually developed a severe overthinking issue that was taking over my mental health and it got really bad. 

I had to go to rehab in the middle of the pandemic and seek professional help. At rehab they made us stay away from the news, and participate in various activities like yoga, painting, hiking, and group therapy talks. 

I realized that we need to really focus on our inner champion rather than our inner critic. 

Our brain is a place where we live for the majority of the time so let's make it a happy place. 

We need to make sure that we keep listening to our inner champion and I even gave her a name and I gave my inner critic the name of my boss. 

Focus on yourself – pandemic story

I went through a really severe break up of 5 years and that took a really bad toll on me. 

It is needless to say that the relationship I was in was a toxic one. While at the moment I felt like I had lost everything, I realized that it was after losing this person that I had gained everything. 

After the breakup I decided to focus on myself, listen to my heart, workout, lose weight, wear the clothes that I wanted, I got a raise, and an offer to a new job. 

When I listened to my own heart and focused on myself the doors that were open for me were incredible. 

The best thing that I got out of my breakup was finding myself, in the end, I know the only person that will truly ever be there for you time and time again is you. 

So, I always tell everyone now to protect your energy. Love yourself the way you love others. 

Few honourable statements

Make time for yourself 

Visit the people that mean a lot to you, and catch up with them

It has taught me how precious the world is and the first thing I want to do once restrictions are lifted is travel

Life is long, but it’s also really short.

Does it feel like you have lived the number of years you’re alive? If so, then you know it is time to just live each day to the fullest

Leave that job that doesn’t bring you happiness, you will find plenty better ones 

Don’t force anything, if something is meant to be yours it will never leave 

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