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Can Authenticity Heal You? l Najwa Zebian

In this episode, we dive into a discussion on being your true and authentic self. The conversation is through the lens of culture, religion, parents’ expectations, and how to reconcile those forces in order to move forward, heal, and lead

Life as a Palestinian Living in the West Bank

This week, Israel has arrested (again) Khalida Jarrar, an iconic Palestinian leader, in the occupied West Bank. She was last released from prison in September 2021, after serving two years on charges of belonging to the Popular Front for Liberation

Navigating Content Creation’s Hidden Challenges l Ironno

In this episode on Yalla! Let’s Talk., we have content creator who shares her reality as a content creator and why she decided to both stop and then come back. Diana, also known as @Ironno, has been featured on Cosmopolitan

How To Unlock the Benefits of Fasting l Dr. Emile Sabga

In Yalla! Let’s Talk’s very first Ramadan Special, we have Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Emile Sabga with us today to discuss all things related to nutrition and fasting in Ramadan. We dive straight into debunking myths about nutrition and fasting, and

The Reality of Content Creators’ Mental Health l Saif Shawaf

To launch the Yalla! Let’s Talk. (Podcast), we have content creator @SaifShawaf as our first guest. Saif is known for his wholesome content and to make people laugh with his street-style interview #makemelaugh and #makeme . In this episode, Saif


Neemz: The Talented Pop Star

In this raw interview with Yalla! Let’s Talk. Neemz discusses her existence as a hijabi Arab female pop star in the USA, her fears and motivations, her journey, and her newest song, Awake. With the influx of Arabian artists erupting

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