What They Don’t Tell You About Addiction in 2024 l With Dr. Marc Dagher


In this episode, I interview Dr. Marc Dagher, an addiction Doctor and expert in treating all kinds of substance addictions.

Whether you choose to do drugs or feel like you’re addicted to a person, this episode will give you insights on the world of addiction, human behaviour, as well as interesting facts on substances.

This episode is important for anyone struggling with an addiction of any kind (be it drugs or love addiction) as well as for those with friends or family who they may think have an addiction. It’s also an important episode for anyone who wants to have a better understanding on human behaviour.

In this episode, we discuss addiction in the context of both drugs and love. We delve into the following topics:

1) What is Addiction? How Do We Identify it in People We Love?

2) Party-Drugs: Is there a Rank? What are the Risks?

3) Can Drugs be Used for Therapy?

4) How Can Love Turn Into An Addiction?

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