4 Ways To Improve Your Mood During Quarantine


As we know there are numerous parts of the world right now that are in strict lock down due to the growing spread of the Coronavirus. Although we hope that there will come a time when things will go back to normal, we can’t help but think this will probably be coming later than anticipated with the growing cases that we often see on the news. And especially now with several claims of travelling variants from different countries. It is okay to dwell over the past and miss those “normal” times. It is okay to cry it out, and it is totally normal if you feel low, unhappy and even anxious for no reason. One thing we must all remember though is that this is a scenario many of us are going through. And for the first time ever in many years you will find multiple people that will be able to relate very closely to your situation. Today we wanted to feature a special article on a few ways to improve your mood during quarantine. 

1. Accept Reality and Live in the Present 

The very first thing that we must all accept is the reality that we live in. For a lot of us, the main reason that we might start to feel low and even depressed is because we are thinking too much about the past. And if we are not too busy dwelling on the past, we start thinking about the future which makes us extremely anxious. It’s okay and completely normal to come across certain thoughts. What is not normal is when we think too much about the past that we forget to live in the present. If the reality that we live in is being in a lockdown and living in a world where the pressure of catching a fast spreading virus is the new normal, we need to accept it head on. Our brain has the capability to turn anything miserable into something truly powerful. When you start living in the present, you realize about the greatest opportunity you might be missing. For the first time ever you don’t need to show up to events, or travel to your school, or even go through painful interactions with certain people you don’t want to talk to. You are able to start doing that project that you have been putting off for a few months or even a few years. This is a great way to improve your mood during quarantine.What if you got the opportunity to change yourself for the better and come out of something so terrible as a totally changed human being. What if? 

What if you got the opportunity to change yourself for the better and come out of something so terrible as a totally changed human being. What if?

Mariam Asif on using the quarantine as time for self development.

2. Get in Touch with Your Inner Child 

One of the best ways to find yourself and start living a happier more positive life is when you start doing the things that made you the most happy as a kid. When we are kids, we are young, wild, and free. We don’t care about judgement, and most importantly we are our most authentic self. We are told that we can be whoever we want to be, and this is usually the prime time for us to find something that we love and do it. Guess what? What if I told you that it’s still not lost. So look deep within yourself and find what it was that you loved? Was it reading? Writing short stories? Playing dress-up? Painting? Creating fictional superhero powers? Find that spark again and find a way to utilize it in the present. Integrate that creativity back into your life. The best thing you can do for yourself is if you find that childhood hobby of yours and create something incredible with it. Many have started business with things they were passionate about. This is a great way to understand what it is that you want to do? And this will surely help improve your mood during quarantine. 

3. Balance the Mind 

Even in the middle of a pandemic we can feel that our life still has some chaos to it. Whether it is more workload from school? Extra meetings? Crazy family or roommates that you have to live with? Or even just an overthinking mind? It is so important to take time out of your day to practise meditation and gratitude. Meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, promote emotional health, enhance self-awareness, lengthen attention span, and generate kinder individuals. These are all the things we desperately need during lockdown. A great tip for beginners is to search up guided meditations on Youtube. 

When it comes to practising gratitude, the best way to do it is to journal. Psychologists say that individuals who practise gratitude on a regular basis are more physically healthy, have better relationships, have less aggression and anger, and have higher self-esteem. The best way to practise gratitude and to start journaling for beginners is in the morning or night write about 3 things that made the day good? and 3 things that you are thankful for? Alot of scientists have said that it has been shown to improve your mood during quarantine. 

4. Stay Close with Company 

This is something that most of us are probably doing. We are all probably on facetime/zoom calls with our friends, and just talking for hours on end about practically nothing. Building better relationships and staying in touch with your friends, and even family is extremely important. It is so easy to isolate yourself and start feeling lonely. There’s a difference between being alone and happy, and then there’s feeling lonely. You can spend some time alone, and get to understand yourself, but you always need balance. Maintaining those connections with friends and families during this time is extremely important and crucial for our wellbeing. 

Coronavirus is a difficult thing that has been brought to the world, and if you are reading this, you dont ever need to feel like you are alone, and that your thoughts or feelings don’t matter. The best thing to do right now is practise the ways to stay happy during lockdown and continue to have hope that better days will come to all of us, and with these tips it is guaranteed to improve your mood during quarantine. 

by Mariam Asif – YLT Staff

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