Climate Change and Wildfires: What is happening?


Climate Change has been a key discussion in society for a very long time. Scientists have kept warning us time and time again that if we don’t take immediate action to protect our earth then we can be in serious danger. This is a major concern as we see wildfires, heatwaves and, melting glaciers, including many major factors of climate change showing up.

Climate Change and Wildfires

Natural climate change can happen for several reasons like the sun, changes in weather, rain drought, and even humidity levels; this is usually natural and is unstoppable. Global warming in the easiest terms is when the planet is heating up, and fast. Global warming is driven by human-induced emissions of greenhouse gases and the resulting large-scale shifts in weather patterns.

In the last century humans have had a large negative impact on the earth’s climate by their man-made machines, and experiments that have caused the earth to shift negatively on an accelerated scale. The largest driver of global warming is the emissions of gasses that create a greenhouse effect of more than 90% carbon dioxide and methane, then there is also fossil fuel burning of coal, oil, and natural gas for energy consumption.

The point that we are trying to make here is that the earth is not being destroyed but it is close to already being destroyed and we need everyone’s help to restore it. 

Breakdown of wildfires around the world


Parts of the western US have seen record-breaking temperatures this year along with severe fraught conditions. This has triggered a series of wildfires that have damaged people’s homes, injured humans, and have put them and wildlife at severe risk, and homeless. California has had more than twice as many acres of land burned by wildfires compared with the five-year average.


Turkey has had wildfires this year that goes down as the worst fire cases in its history. More than 200 have affected western and southern Turkey, but on the good news, authorities say that majority of these have been contained. About 175,000 hectares have been burned so far this year, according to the European forest fire information system. 


Greece has also been hit hard with unnatural occurrences of wildfires that have left the residences of the country in shock. Global warming and climate change is a real thing. 


Thick smoke from forest fires has blanketed parts of Siberia, and satellites have tracked it drifting to the Arctic Circle and beyond. This fire season has seen smoke from Siberia reach the North Pole for the first time in recorded history.

The Amazons 

The Brazilian Amazon is closely monitored, as deforestation and fires linked to agriculture threaten this valuable ecosystem. It’s still early in the country’s annual fire season, which tends to peak in August and September.

How can you be more proactive? 

1. Recycle:

Things that you would usually throw away, find ways to use them.

2. Use less energy and gas:

If you can use a bike or walk to a place then do that. Try to use less energy on a daily basis. 

3. Spread awareness:

Use the platforms you have like social media accounts, and friends to discuss important issues like climate change, global warming, create presentations at school, and make it the basis of your research and assignments. Find continuous ways to talk about it, research it, and bring it up to share it. 

4. Donate to organizations:

There are plenty of climate change organizations that are saving land, helping countries that need it, and even saving wildlife. Find one that you are fond of, and that speaks to you and donate to it, and share it with your friends. 

5.Create a petition or an organized group:

Create a petition of people that want change in our climate and world and send it to your local politician, and start a group with your friends where you talk about ways to help and change the world, and take action on it. You can also host a service project – where your community cleans a certain area in your city. 

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