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*Spoiler alert for the show “Khali Balek men Zizi” on Shahid VIP*

If anyone is already feeling the Ramadan slowness, and are in desperate need to pass some time, then we have the perfect TV show recommendation for you. “Khali Balek men Zizi” which translates to “Be careful of Zizi” is a show full of drama, comedy and chaos. But what is incredible is how the main character is the most relatable Arab zillennial character and just how much we can learn from her. The show is about a 30 year-old woman named Zizi, who is married to a University Professor and has been going under continuous IVF treatment for a couple of years to conceive, but is failing. Since she was a child, she has been very chaotic and has struggled with severe anger issues that have negatively affected her life, and the lives of others around her. In the show, her husband decided to give up on the IVF treatment as no progress is seen, and that resulted in her being physically abusive towards him. He reports her actions to the police, and soon they are fighting a battle in court. 

The drama filled comedic show mainly focuses on Zizi and her lawyer. It highlights her anger issues, and the way she carries herself through life. Her lawyer is the one who helps Zizi seek therapy, take boxing classes, and even acting classes to help calm her nerves down. The main purpose is to transform Zizi into a sweet, gentle lady that he believes she can be so she can win her case in her court date. 

This Ramadan, we are all familiar with a Zizi that lives among us, who is very impatient, blows out, and for some of us forgets that the main purpose of Ramadan is to abstain from worldly activity, and get closer to our inner selves. We broke down a few moments in the show where Zizi’s character felt a little too familiar and how we think she is most relatable Arab zillennial character this Ramadan:  

Addicted to junk food

The first scene in the show is Zizi in the grocery store conquering the candy section, all the way from gummies to chocolate. You can definitely feel the stickiness of her consuming it after through the screen. But let’s be real, who’s here isn’t not guilty of overconsuming candy and junk food?! Let’s just hope it’s not at the rate that Zizi is going at, y’all might end up with diabetes with that. 

Always feeling angry

The show is based around Zizi and her anger issues, and how that negatively affects her life. If you have watched the show you know that there are multiple scenes of her lashing out on family members, and loved ones. This Ramadan we can learn that anger is something that we need to refrain from, and patience is key. So the next time you get Hangry just remember that there are probably better ways to communicate an issue, and to sometimes just let it go. With that in mind, we’re most definitely are not making up the fact that she is the most relatable Arab zillennial character this year for all of us. 

Feeling Misunderstood or having victim mentality

In the show, Zizi thinks that the world is against her and people are trying to hurt her. She also thinks that she is misunderstood by people, and she can constantly excuse herself for her irresponsible behaviour that she “does not mean”. We all know that one person who plays the victim card, and does not take responsibility for their mistakes. A little inner reflection will maybe even show you where you’ve played victim in the past. This can oftentimes determine our own happiness, but we have to remember sometimes certain qualities in people cannot be changed. Throughout the show so far, Zizi grows to understand her victim mentality is not only hurting the people around her whom she loves, but is also hindering her life and her goals. It teaches us to remember to focus on ourselves and our own inner peace, and keep moving forward. 

Slouching around and being lazy 

If you can count on finding Zizi doing something, it’s definitely either sleeping or laying on her couch. The show also portrays her starting new tasks but gives us right away because she finds it too challenging. She also prefers to wear comfy clothes like sweats, leggings, and sneakers; which we can’t even complain about because who isn’t guilty of that. Who even wants to dress up when there is a pandemic going on outside. But the show slowly develops to show Zizi starting to appreciate the reward of finishing what she starts, enjoying challenges and fostering more persistence. Slow and steady wins the race. 

Finds it difficult to empathize with others 

The last thing we can see in the show is how Zizi lacks some empathy and is not understanding towards others. This is also in sync with her victim narrative. She is often late to her appointments, and does not follow instructions properly. For example being late to her doctor’s appointment, and not listening to the instructions of her boxing instructor. The greatest challenge we face in life in general is to understand someone else’s perspective. This Ramadan can be a great opportunity for us to shift our focus to be more empathetic and understanding towards friends, families and loved ones. 

Zizi is a very complex character and her behaviour and attitude make her a very relatable Arab zillennial character. When we break down her behavioural patterns it can be very interesting and funny but there is actually a lot we can learn from her character, mistakes and growth journey. One thing we should remember is to always consider learning from the lessons of others for your own growth journey. Let Zizi be an example this Ramadan for everyone celebrating to be more understanding, persistent, better at communicating, and practising inner self healing. 

by Mariam Asif – YLT Staff

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