Why is Unity Such a Big Deal for Muslims? | Saleh Family

In this episode of the Yalla! Let’s Talk. Podcast’s Ramadan Special, we have content creators Sana and Will of the @SalehFamily. The @SalehFamily focuses on creating content to humanize the Muslim community and unite them all regardless of their differences.

8 Middle Eastern drinks that help you beat the heat

As the summer days get hotter, we gravitate towards cool refreshing drinks. But, instead of reaching for the regular iced coffee, or soda, it’s time for everyone to try these refreshing Middle Eastern drinks. Middle Easterners are experts at living

We Talked to Ameer Al-Khatahtbeh About His @Muslim Journey

This is an Instagram account that most people from the young Muslim community are probably familiar with. The account is called @Muslim, featuring all content related to what is happening in the Muslim world, what it means to be Muslim,

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