Why Imaan Hammam should be your model inspiration

Imaan Hammam has been the talk ever since she graced the red carpets, multiple Vogue Arabia front covers, took designer runways by a storm, and showed off her amazing self on Instagram. Hammam is actually a Dutch model, but she

Shahid Original Series: Let’s Talk About Rashash

Shahid VIP has launched yet another original, but this one is pretty deep and inspired by a real story. So, prepare yourselves to shed some tears and watch some next-level action scenes. Rashash is inspired by a true event from

Eid al-Adha: 5 ways to keep the celebrations going

From the Yalla! Let’s Talk family, we would like to wish all Muslims around the world a very joyous and happy Eid al-Adha. With the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions easing a bit, families are now able to meet and see each

Let’s meet somewhere in the middle or at “Kinda Halal”

If you have kept up with the Instagram community blog, Kinda Halal then you are surely aware of the stunning woman behind the account Lara Radwan. Radwan is a Palestinian Canadian social influencer, content creator, and business student. She is

Top 5 Reasons Why Turkish Shows On Shahid VIP Are Iconic

Turkish shows over the years have gained popularity and is slowly taking over the world, due to international sales and global viewership from peoples of all different cultures, ethnicities, and languages.  Turkey is now second to the US in worldwide

8 LGBTQ+ Arab Movies You Need to Binge Watch

Today is the last day of Pride month *tears*, but the spirit of Pride will still continue and remain. To celebrate this last day of the month, we have compiled some amazing LGBTQ+ Arab movies that should be on your

Did you see Elyanna’s Viral TikTok on Palestine?

I’m sure by now everyone has heard of Elyanna’s viral TikTok video, a cover of Fi Hagat by Nancy Ajram and Talking to the moon by Bruno Mars. She is most known for her famous covers of Arabic songs such

Some of What You Missed at the Harvard Arab Conference 2021

The Harvard Arab conference 2021 is North America’s largest pan-Arab conference, bringing together nearly 1,300 students and professionals to discuss key issues with the Arab region’s most prominent politicians, influencers, business people, and society leaders to have important and impactful

We Talked to Ameer Al-Khatahtbeh About His @Muslim Journey

This is an Instagram account that most people from the young Muslim community are probably familiar with. The account is called @Muslim, featuring all content related to what is happening in the Muslim world, what it means to be Muslim,

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