How I Resisted Community Pressure And Embraced My Identity

The Arab world is full of many rich and colorful cultures, groups, and communities with many differences at hand. Growing up in my Arab community and immigrating into other communities, I realised most Arab communities have one similarity – the

6 Figures That Shook Arab Feminism Up And Are Continuing To Do So

The conversation around feminism that many of us are familiar with revolves around western feminism. Most times this perspective lends itself to a very focused idea about how women need more equality in a male-dominated world and this equality needs

We Talked to a Closeted Gay Arab Man

Being a closeted member of the LGBTQ community in a strict cultural household, especially in an Arab one can be difficult for anyone. Today we interviewed someone who identifies as part of the LGBTQ community, and was raised in a

Arab Men Forgot What Their Sharaf (Honour) Is.

In bedouin culture, sharaf is the honour code for men that diagrams their responsibility to protect women, the tribe, and or village. The sharaf (honour) is acquired, elevated, lost, or even recovered. Conversely, ‘ird is the honour code for women

5 Exceptional Young Arab Women in STEM

International Women’s Day (IWD) this month is a celebration where we get to talk about womanhood, and to honour those women who have challenged the gender biases of our days. And if there are any women who have challenged gender

10 Arab Women-Owned Businesses to Support

As Arabs, it’s not every day that we see ourselves represented in the media and when we do, a lot of the time, it’s not shown in a positive light. Behind the scenes, we’re growing, building, learning and helping each

Wearing your Identity with Nominal

Are you looking for beautiful hand-crafted jewelry and accessories that represent your land of the Middle East? Or are you looking for something that makes you feel a sense of identity and empowerment? We have one word for you guys;

5 Influential Black Arab Women You Should Know About

Black History Month is the time of year where we tell the untold stories of Black men and women. we have an opportunity to learn of the historical impact and contribution the black community has had on society.  Dating as

Do we need a “Black Arab History Month”?

As this year’s Black History Month comes to a close, I couldn’t help but wonder if the Arab world needs its own version of “Black History Month”. A month where we can educate our fellow Arabs about the history of

Afro Arabs Discrimination Is Worse Than You Think

*Trigger warning: description of racist events and performances describes below for awareness purposes* History tells us that Afro Arabs discrimination had been happening long ago in the Middle East. Afro Arabs of today are speaking out about how they continue

Why Men Talk Side By Side, Not Face To Face

“Men talk side by side – Not face to face” said an interviewee on a radio piece about a mental health workshop popping up in a town in Ontario. No, not a workshop for mental health, an actual workshop with

Why I turned my back to the Arab community

The moment the term “Arab Community” is raised in a conversation or is uttered through someone’s lips, I shudder. To me it is both a blessing and a curse, but a toxic bubble I needed so badly to escape from

A Poem About Iraq

I worry for a country defined by its wars A country coated in fear And infiltrated with violence Enemies who abuse its vulnerabilities  Tears of thick blood shed by bombs of silence My mother can still hear the sirens  My

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