Let’s talk about conversion therapy

During pride month, we had plenty of time to discuss the incredible influencers and representatives of the LGBTQ+ community and the efforts that they are putting forward to break the negative stigma that surrounds their community. We think it is

5 Ways to Know if You Have Internalized Racism

You might have heard the saying that goes, Racism is not innate, it is taught and learned. Internalized racism can form a role in one’s upbringing whether that is through an environment, being raised in conservative households or family members

Let’s meet somewhere in the middle or at “Kinda Halal”

If you have kept up with the Instagram community blog, Kinda Halal then you are surely aware of the stunning woman behind the account Lara Radwan. Radwan is a Palestinian Canadian social influencer, content creator, and business student. She is

5 Tips That Actually Work To Be An Ally For LGBTQ+ Arabs

Guess what? Being kind and compassionate towards different minority groups is actually free! We asked few LGBTQ+ Arabs how they can best be supported to feel safe and celebrate their identities, and here’s what we came up with: 1. Don’t

When Will Color Come? A Poem by a Closeted Arab

Trigger warning and a note from the author: This poem deals with very adult themes relating to self-harm, mental distress, and other psychological issues that LGBTQ+ youth can face. If you are experiencing any form of mental distress, remember to

7 LGBTQ+ Arabs You Should Watch For

Tomorrow is the last day of Pride month, but let’s be real, pride lasts all year. So in honor of pride life, here are 7 LGBTQ+ Arabs you should know about.  1. Ahmed Shihab-Eldin  If you’re on social media, you know Ahmed Shihab-Eldin.

An Open Letter by a Queer Arab to her Friend Sarah Hegazi

Sarah, My Comrade In the orbit of words I lose my energy. I re-energize with the goal that I can deliver that load of complex interwoven sentiments, a sense of injustice, faith, and hope.  This turned into a consistent reality

A Tribute to Sarah Hegazi

Sarah Hegazi was an Egyptian, writer, and lesbian activist. She was arrested, imprisoned and tortured in Egypt for three month after raising a rainbow flag at a Mashrou’ Leila concert in 2017 in Cairo. This year on Monday, June 14

Did you see Elyanna’s Viral TikTok on Palestine?

I’m sure by now everyone has heard of Elyanna’s viral TikTok video, a cover of Fi Hagat by Nancy Ajram and Talking to the moon by Bruno Mars. She is most known for her famous covers of Arabic songs such

How Muslims Celebrate Eid Around The World

There are so many Muslims around the world that come from such unique backgrounds, cultures, and customs of doing things. Eid and any type of celebration can be extremely different for Muslims living in various parts of the world, especially

How I Resisted Community Pressure And Embraced My Identity

The Arab world is full of many rich and colorful cultures, groups, and communities with many differences at hand. Growing up in my Arab community and immigrating into other communities, I realised most Arab communities have one similarity – the

6 Figures That Shook Arab Feminism Up And Are Continuing To Do So

The conversation around feminism that many of us are familiar with revolves around western feminism. Most times this perspective lends itself to a very focused idea about how women need more equality in a male-dominated world and this equality needs

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